las hierbas suecas o las gotas de amargo sueco

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las hierbas suecas o las gotas de amargo sueco
Formula to produce the Swedish Herbs:

10 g. Aloe *.

5 g of Myrrh.

0. 2 g of saffron.

10 grams of leaves Sen.

10 g of Camphor **.

10 grams of rhubarb roots.

10 g root Cedoaria.

10 g of Mana.

10 g of Venetian Teriaca.

5 g roots of Carlina.

10 g roots of Angelica.

* Instead of Aloe can be used Ajenjo powder.

** Only use natural Camphor and only Chinese.


These herbs get into a large bottle neck width, covering 11 / 2 liters of spirits (38 - 40 °) are macerated for 15 days in the sun about the fire. Shaking every day, the same thing is done before colarlo and before each use. First you can only fill a bottle for the first use, the rest is kept as long as you want without colarlo. Herb Swedish bottles are stored in well - covered in a cool place. So keep this elixir many years. The older you are, the more effective it is.


The virtues of curative herbs Swedish) ".

We are not aware of all the properties attributed to it)

1. Vacuums repeatedly in the nose, untando them with the neck and compresses applied to the head, calming the pains and dizziness, enhance memory and brain.

2. Help against the murky light, remove the rubicundez and all the pain, though his eyes are swollen and the eyes, troubled and Entel. They fight the clouds and cataracts by dipping them in time with the corners of the eyes or apply compresses on their eyes closed.

3. Pustules and all kinds of rashes, scabs in the nose or other body parts, are cured untándolas well and often with the drops.

4. Against toothache dissolve one tablespoon of these drops in a little water and let it all act a bit in his mouth or applied gauze soaked on the painful tooth. The pain was calm and the infection is cured.

5. The blisters and other ailments of the tongue are cured in a short time untándolas with the drops.

6. When irritated or sore throat is such that almost was not able to swallow food or drink, are taken in the morning, noon and night, and left a drop pass slowly through the throat, thus calms irritation and heal the throat.

7. Against the stomach cramp takes a spoonful.

8. In cases of colic is slowly taking three tablespoons, one after another and soon ease the pain.

9. Dissolve the flatulence and cool the liver, removed the affections of the stomach and the stomach and helps against constipation.

10. They are an excellent remedy for the stomach, where poorly digested and refuses food.

11. Also calming the pain bile. Taking a tablespoon each day in the morning and one at night and during the night by applying towels soaked with the drops, they disappear in a short time all the pain.

12. Against dropsy takes six weeks, every day, morning and night, a tablespoon of the drops with white wine.

13. The aches and ringing ears of fighting in the ears poking a taponcito cotton soaked with water drops. This is very effective and do recover your hearing.

14. If a woman has pain matrix is given for three days every morning on an empty stomach, one tablespoon of the drops of red wine. Half an hour after they should take a walk and then you can have breakfast, but not to take milk. The Swedish Herbs should never be taken after the milk)

15. Taking over the past 15 days of pregnancy a spoonful of Swedish Herbs in the morning and one at night, facilitates the delivery. To get rid of difficulties without SECUNDINO, is given to the mother every two hours, a teaspoon of the drops.

16. If after birth, the rise of milk, are presented inflammation in the chest, apply compresses soaked.

17. Heal the smallpox in children, giving them according to age, more or less drops diluted in some water. When smallpox begin to dry, wet repeatedly with the drops so there is no holes.

18. Eliminated in children and adult worms, even lonely, but you have to adjust the dose to the child's age. Besides applying a cloth soaked with the drops on the navel, seeking always to remain moist.

19. Jaundice is cured by taking three times a day, a tablespoon of the drops and applying wet compresses on the swollen liver.

20. The cure hemorrhoids and heal the kidneys, expelled from the body humors hipocóndricos, without the need for further treatment, remove the melancholy and depression, they open the appetite and stimulates digestion.

21. Also heal the internal hemorrhoids, mojándolas from the beginning repeatedly with the drops and taking them before sleeping through internal to soften. It is left to act a cotton soaked in promoting blood circulation and remove the stinging.

22. When someone fainted he opens his mouth and is given to drink a spoonful, the patient will return soon in each other.

23. The pain of the cramps were calm in time, taking these drops by internal.

24. Phthisis lung patients must take daily fasting cure and continue for six weeks.

25. If a woman does not have rules or is too abundant to take the drops for three days in a row and repeat this treatment twenty times. So will balance their menstruation.

26. This also helps remedy against the flow mode.

27. Anyone who has epilepsy has to take instant and must continue the treatment solely with the drops and that restores the nervousness and the whole body and cure all ills.

28. The cure paralysis, the dizziness and vertigo.

29. Also cure chickenpox and erysipelas.

30. Anyone who has a lot of chills and fever or is weakened, take a spoonful. The patient, as long as his body has not been charged with other drugs, will recover and the pulse must be standardized while the fever has been very high.

31. The drops also cure cancer, smallpox old, warts and cracked hands. Ulcers old and purulent accumulations with fleshy excrescences washed well with white wine and covered with a cloth soaked in herbs Swedish. They removed the swelling and pain as well as the fleshy excrescences and the wound begins to heal.

32. Cured without risk all kinds of wounds, whether closed or open, mojándolas repeatedly with the drops. Take a canvas, is soaked in drops and it is covered with wounds. The pain was calm early and can not occur or infections or gangrene. Also heal old wounds caused by firearms. The wounds are deep water, without the need to wash them before, with the drops of Swedish Herbs. Then he continues treating them with wet towels and soon will be good curative effect of the drops.

33. They disappear all kinds of scars, cuts stigma and even very old, mojándolos at least 40 times with them. All wounds heal with herbs Swedish leave no scars.

34. Radically cure the fistula, although it has the incurable, no matter whether you are old or not.

35. Heal all burns and scalds mojándolas continually with them. There will be no blisters and relieve pain. Purulent accumulations heal blisters.

36. They help heal bruises and bumps and bump caused by falls.

37. For those who eat with reluctance, they returned the appetite.

38. Return the colors in the face of anemic if every morning take the drops for a prolonged period. Clean the blood, encourage their production and circulation.

39. Calman the rheumatic pain in the members, taking them morning and night and applying towels soaked in painful.

40. Heal the frostbites on the hands and feet, even if they are trapping. We have to continually apply compresses soaked, especially at night.

41. Tripe (eyes chicken) are covered with a soggy taponcito always trying to keep moist. After three days alone are released or removed easily without any pain.

42. Also heal bites rabid dogs or other animals, drinking the drops, as it destroys all poisons.

43. In cases of fever or other contagious diseases should be taken several times a day, as they heal tumors and pestilent bubo, even if they are already involved in the throat.

44. Those who can not sleep at night, that takes at bedtime. Against unveiling nervous applies a soaked towel on the heart.

45. With two tablespoons of Swedish Herbs him to remove the binge drunk.

46. Those who take each day in the morning and at night you do not need another Swedish Herbal medicine because they strengthen the entire body, cool nerves and blood, remove the trembling of the hands and feet, ie that eliminate all diseases. The body is preserved elastic face and youthful and beautiful.

Warning: The Swedish Herbs always be taken diluted with water or tea.

The forty - six articles of the "Old Manuscript" clearly demonstrate the great virtues of this blend of healing herbs. One can rightly say that there is not a disease that Swedish Herbs can not cure, or at least we will always serve as a basic treatment.


Internal Use: According to the information in the "Old Manuscript" are taken as a prophylactic teaspoon in the morning and one at night, always dissolved in water or tea. In cases of malignant diseases are taken from 2 to 3 tablespoons per day as follows: One tablespoon dissolved in 1 / 8 liter of tea or infusion and drink half before and half after every meal.

Compresses: Take a piece of cotton fabric or more or less large, is soaked with drops of Swedish Herbs and applies to the diseased part of the body, previously untada with lard or ointment Wonder. Above is a plastic so it does not stain clothes and then everything is covered with a cloth or bandage. The compress is left to act, according to the disease, two to four hours. If the patient supports it, you can leave all night. After removing the powder will compress the skin. If the people are sensitive skin irritations, shortens the time of application or treatment is stopped. People with allergies should not use the plastic, put a cloth only. In no way should it be forgotten spreads the skin. If you are itching and rashes are treated with ointment Wonder.


The forty - six articles of the "ancient manuscripts" show the wonderful virtues of this blend of healing herbs. One can rightly say that there is not a disease that Swedish herbs can not cure, or at least we will always serve as a basic treatment. ***.

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