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The periodontales diseases are a set of diseases that affect the weaves that surround and hold to the teeth in maxilares.

They are inflammatory and its origin is infectious, is to say are caused mainly by bacteria.

The form commonest is the gingivitis, inflammatory process that only affects to periodonto superficial that is encía.

When the inflammation affects deep periodontales weaves, it causes the destruction of the bone and the ligaments that maintain and hold to the teeth. When this happens, the disease receives the name of periodontitis and if it is not taken care of opportunely, the teeth become loose and fall.

Therefore the periodontitis, also well - known as piorrea is the inflammatory process of encías in extreme degree with the risk of losing their capacity to retain the dental pieces.

This process can not present / display symptoms, until he is very advanced, when it pronounces by hemorrhage when cepillar the teeth or of spontaneous form, mobility of encía, it is like loose and separated of the bone) extreme sensitivity to any stimulus and inflammations that cause aesthetic alterations.

The periodontitis is little frequent in young people, but its frequency increases with the age, appearing in around 10% to the 30 - 40 years and of the 25 - 30% between 50 and 60 years.

Other symptoms or signs, can be.

the retraction of encías, which gives the sensation of which the teeth have grown and are longer.

Mobility of the teeth or loose teeth.

Separation of the teeth with relation to the normal space between and others.

Increase of dental sensitivity, mainly to the cold.

Sensation of quemazón and pain encías.

Badly breath.

Appearance of abscesses and aftas in encía.

In order to solve the problem, the odontólogo, it makes a gingivectomía, that is a surgical pocedimiento to extirpate the weave or encía injured.

This procedure requires of local, previous x - rays and marked anesthesia of the bags in encía, to be able to exactly cut the damaged weave. The extracted material must be sent for its histopatológico analysis with the purpose of discarding other problems like mouth cancer.

This procedure also is used for the treatment of:

Hiperplasia or growth of encía by the medicine use certain.

Fibrosis of encía.

suprabony Bags.

to improve the access in restauradoras techniques that invade the subgingival space.

This disease, not only has its origin in the accumulation of bacterial plate, by a deficient buccal hygiene, but also in the genetic predisposition of the person who develops it. Other factors of risk are the tabaquismo, the pregnancy and the stress that when causing the loss of defenses, favors the development of the bacteria.

When this problem is not solved on time, many people can get to lose their teeth in a lapse of 5 years, with all the consequences that this implies, mainly in people who additionally suffer diabetes, cardiac diseases or circulatory, inmunodeprimidos ill pregnant women and, are to say with low defenses, like they are that they suffer cancer or AIDS.

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