lycopersicum esculentum

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lycopersicum esculentum
Castilian: tomato.

English: tomato.

Tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum Mill) is one of the vegetables most commonly used around the world and is in infinite quantities of dishes, either raw, with sauce, fried or boiled. It is a food that is easily available and countless varieties.

The tomato, together with the onion, one of the main vegetables consumed in Venezuela. This crop originates in the Andean region of Peru and Ecuador, remain in Mexico where it conducts its domestication. Tomato is a crop of warm weather that is adapted to temperatures between 21 and 25 ° C.

You can get many vitamins by eating tomatoes. In the case of raw tomato gives us the vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C and E, and with respect to minerals found in large quantities potassium, but also the presence of sodium, iron, calcium and phosphorus. As for the distribution of nutrients, 100 grams of raw tomatoes have 1 gram protein, 3 grams carbohydrates, 1. 5 grams of fiber. It is also in possession of a substantial amount of folic acid.

In the case of fried tomato lost most of its properties, however, some nutrients are increased. As for vitamins, reducing their contribution to vitamin C. The minerals remain intact, significantly increasing the presence of potassium. Regarding the distribution of nutrients, 100 grams of fried tomato with 1 gram of protein, 3. 3 grams of carbohydrates, fiber and remains almost unchanged.

Tomatoes are the best advantage in raw or with light sauce that does not undergo the loss of much of its profits. For hair care and nails is highly recommended to eat tomato. He also favors the mood is very good for the night's sleep.

It is not a food, like nearly all vegetables, which are kept too long. Usually it comes to maintaining a maximum of 10 days, because of this that continues to mature despite not being exposed to the sun. For the tomatoes retain all of its aroma and flavor, it's best to keep them at room temperature. If you want to freeze, it should be scalded a couple of minutes, then overwhelm them in ice water, pelarlos and frozen whole or sliced, so hold up to one year.

There are three different types of tomatoes for each use. The large and round are best for salads, sauces and ready for the small, cherry, for appetizers and side dishes. The three types also vary in color, ranging from strong red to yellow - red.

The tomato has been waking up in recent years a great interest among the scientific community, for the beneficial effect that seems to have on our bodies. A growing number of studies that seem to confirm that this plant is an inexhaustible source of preventive and curative properties.

The initial studies focused on the benefits offered in preventing certain cancers, showed that those who consumed less frequently exposed to cancers of the colon and prostate.

Subsequent studies came to demonstrate anti - aging properties of a substance present only in tomatoes, lycopene. An example of these studies is carried out with a group of 90 nuns, in southern Italy, aged between 77 and 98 years. Those with higher levels of lycopene in their blood had a greater agility to making all sorts of activities.

The most recent studies linked the consumption of tomatoes and their derivatives with a lower risk of heart attacks. There is no doubt that this is a food worthy of inclusion in our diet.

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