Premature Ejaculation

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Premature Ejaculation
The precocious eyaculación some years ago, was not considered like a problem or but still like one of the sexual disfunciones, had among other things to that during the sexual relation, the woman did not know, did not understand and it did not participate in the act, of truely active form, such form that if the man eyaculaba or not and in what moment did, it was not reason for preoccupation of neither.

The sexual relation was considered by the necessary woman as a pregnancy or to please to its pair fulfilling his to have of woman and she was traumatic or it bothers generally, reason why while faster outside the eyaculación, faster was finished the "torture". Nevertheless and luckyly, the concept to make the love has changed and the mentality of the pair also, of such form that the sexual benefit includes every moment, from the coqueteo to the rest after the sex.

This brought like consequence, that from half - full of the Sixties the precocious eyaculación was contemplated like a disfunción and still more, like a problem that prevents the satisfaction and the total benefit of the pair.

The precocious eyaculación, is defined as "arriving too fast" or eyacular without giving time to that the woman reaches the sexual benefit, neither the man either, because fills an impotence sensation to it when not being able to control this moment and at the same time to prolong the playing and excitation nor for him nor for his pair.

The term of precocious eyaculación, has been difficult to establish it based on time, since it is not possible to be established a minimum time between the beginning of the relation and the eyaculación, that takes to the man orgasmo, nevertheless, some investigators have tried to define it based on the percentage of cases of dissatisfaction of the pair, at the same time that the one of frustration of the man, when not being able to have a control to delay it.

On the other hand, if the woman reaches orgasmo by means of the excitation or manipulation before the sex, no longer she feels as much frustration when the man penetrates and eyacula immediately, reason why does not consider to his pair like a precocious eyaculador, unless she still reaches orgasmo without penetration, which still makes the relation more frustrating.

The American Association of Psychiatry considers that a man is eyaculador precocious when "presents / displays of persistent form eyaculación in answer to a minimum sexual stimulation or before, during or immediately after the penetration and before the person wishes it".

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