Vitamin B2

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Vitamin B2
The B2 vitamin participates in the processes of cellular breathing, hepática chemical decontamination, development of the embryo and maintenance of the envelope of the nerves. Also aid to the growth and the reproduction, and improves the state of the skin, the nails and the hair.

One is mainly in the meats, fish and rich foods in proteins in general. Its deficiency pronounces as injuries in the skin, the mucous and the eyes. The chronic drinkers or smokers usually are deficit and the people who follow strict a diet vegetarian (without eggs nor milk) and do not take supplements from leavening of beer or germ of wheat.

Rich vitamin foods B2 / Riboflavina.

Amount recommended per day: 1300 - 1800 µg.

Meat Vísceras and despoliation: 3170.

Leavening of beer: 2070.

Germ of wheat: 810.

Almonds: 700.

The Coco: 600.

Greasy cheeses: 550.

Champińones: 440.

Mijo: 380.

Cured and semicured cheeses: 370.

Bran: 360.

Eggs: 310.

Lentils: 260.

Amounts expressed in µg / 100 gr.

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