Disease information

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It affects generally to men between the 30 and 50 years of age, although they have been gotten to present / display cases in young people of 15 years.

This disease, that can be hereditary, is a variant of the spinal muscular atrophy and it is denominated to bulbar, by an existing structure in the inferior part of the brain that contains nervous cells that control muscles of the face, the mouth and the throat. Also it includes weakness and atrophy of muscles of the arms and the legs, specially those that are more near the center of the body.

It is caused by a genetic defect in the SBMA of chromosome X, reason why it is very rare that one appears in a woman) An expanded called DNA section repetition trinucleótida in gene that takes instructions for a well - known protein like androgen receiver.

It begins by the weakness of the legs and progresses slowly. The patient can experience espasmos or cramps of muscles, difficulty to speak, to swallow or to chew, with risk of asphyxia by inhalation or obstruction of the respiratory routes or to infections.

The weakness of face muscles, makes smiling difficult or to transmit emotions through face expressions.

A special characteristic, is that the patients can develop ginecomastia that is the growth of the chests, its fertility is reduced and the testicles shrink, since they let process androgens, that is masculine hormones.

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