manzano pirus malus

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manzano pirus malus
Other Names:

Camueso, Maguillomaíllo, however, Pomer.

The apple itself is a compendium of medicinal properties, known since ancient times. They include digestive, that the medical school of Salerno, in the tenth to thirteenth centuries in Italy, described in the following aphorism, as quoted Messegué: Post pirum da potum, post pomum Vade cacatum, After the pear, pee; after the apple, poop)

Habitat: originating in West Asia and widely distributed around the world, both cultivated and wild. He prefers cold climates and continental regions and northern.

Description: tree of the Rosaceae family of average size, with white flowers and fleshy fruits, which are known more than a thousand varieties.

Used parts: the fruits, bark, and flowers.

Properties and indications: the apple contains 12% to 15% of carbohydrate (dextrose, sucrose and levulose) less than 0. 5% of lipids and protides; minerals (potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and very low sodium) Vitamins A, B1, B2, C and niacin, malic acid, citric and salicylic; tannin, an astringent action, pectin, a substance hydrocarbon absorber and antidiarreica action, and a large amount of enzymes. The apples have the following properties:

Antidiarreica: they have the virtue of absorbing bacterial toxins that are produced in the gut, in addition to its desinflamar and dry mucosa. The apples are useful in all types of diarrhea, either mild or complicated with colitis or dysentery (emission stool with mucus and blood) Give good results in enterocolitis caused by food in poor condition (toxic food) often produced by the microorganism Salmonella. They are highly recommended in childhood gastroenteritis.

Laxative: curiously, the apple has a regulatory effect on flora and intestinal peristalsis, which gives properties apparently contradictory (antidiarreica and laxative) Taken in the morning on an empty stomach, gives good results in chronic constipation or habitual.

þ diuretic and purifying: on their ability to absorb toxins intestinal apples give good results in chronic eczema of the skin, which sometimes are due to an agency's self. In addition, they facilitate the removal of uric acid, urea and other metabolic waste, so agree to the arthritic, rheumatism, gout, and those who suffer from urinary calculi. At its low in sodium (salt) the apples are recommended in the diet of hypertensive patients, along with rice, which are obtained very good results in the decrease of blood pressure and reducing the edema by retention fluid.

Lipid lowering: the apple pectin absorbs bile salts in the intestine, thus decreasing one raw material from which the body produces cholesterol. To get results you must take for long periods (more than three months) two or three apples a day, while continuing other measures against excessive dietary cholesterol.

þ Tonic and equibradora nervous system: perhaps because of its phosphorus content. It is highly recommended in case of excitement, nervousness, stress and mental fatigue. The effect is soft and slow, but sure.

The apple is a food - medicine ideal in all chronic illnesses such as respiratory and digestive diseases, arteriosclerosis, arthritism, hepatopathies (disorders of the liver) kidney disorders, obesity, heart disease (disorders of the heart) hypertension. Highly advisable to delay the aging process. The bark of the apple is invigorating, febrífugo and astringent. It has been used as a substitute for quinine. Currently used in infectious diseases such as febrífugo and invigorating, as well as in the phase of convalescence. The leaves and flowers of apple are very diuretic and are recommended in case of kidney stones or grit from, of nephritis (inflammation of the kidneys) and hypertension.

Use: raw apples (grated) grilled or boiled, half a kilo a day; should always peel, unless they come from organic farming, and therefore have not been treated with insecticides or other chemicals. Juice: A daily glass of juice or apple juice at breakfast, assuring a good physical shape, can be mixed with lemon juice or carrot for better results revitalizing. Decoction of 2 chopped apples put to boil in a liter of water for half an hour, the resulting liquid, sweetened if desired, it is recommended especially for the very debilitated patients, before starting the diet solid. Decoction of the bark was prepared with 50 - 100 grams of the bark of the tree per liter of water, are taken from 3 to 5 cups a day as a tonic, astringent and febrífugo. Decoction of leaves and flowers are made with 50 grams per liter of water, take 4 or 5 cups a day as a diuretic.

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