Acute pyelonephritis

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Acute pyelonephritis
Acute Pielonefritis.

Bacterial infection of the noncontagious kidney.


It affects both sexes although it is commonest in women, and to all the ages.


Chronic renal infection.


Infection of the blood.


It is cured generally in 10 to 14 days with treatment.

See its doctor again to make sure that the treatment is total.

Diagnosis and treatment.


File and physical examination by a doctor.

Analysis of blood and analysis and culture of tinkles.


General measures.

In order to gather urinálisis or culture tinkles for:


Clean the vaginal zone with soapy clean water, dries with a sponge.

Separate the vaginal lips with a hand and tinkle briefly in the toilet.

Later, it tinkles in the container.


Retire the skin of the penis, if he is not circunciso.

Clean the end of the penis with soapy water.

Tinkle briefly in the toilet, later in the container.


His doctor can prescribe:

Oral antibiotics. Take all the antibiotics that prescribe to him, although disappear the symptoms.

If the oral antibiotics do not cure the infection, antibiotics by intravenous route or in injection.

Analgesic toilets to mitigate the pain.


Remain in bed until the high fever and the annoyances disappear.

It does not resume the sexual relations until the urinary fever and symptoms disappear.


There is no a special diet.

Drink at least 2 liters of liquid to the day, include juice of bilberries or vitamin C to acidify tinkles it.

Warn its medico if.

It happens the following thing during the treatment:

The symptoms and the fever persist after 48 hours of treatment with antibiotics. Sometimes, it is necessary to change of antibiotic.

The symptoms return (mainly if they are accompanied of fever) after the treatment with antibiotics.

They appear inexplicable new symptoms. The drugs used in this treatment can produce indirect effect.

Factors of risk.

Diabetes mellitus.

Chronic infection or tumor of the conduit toilet - vejiga.

Little Micción.

Paralysis by injury or tumor in the spinal marrow.



Specific preventive measures for the men do not exist.

For the women:

After the movements of the intestine, it always limpiese of ahead backwards, never the other way around.

Avoid the humidity prolonged around uretra, like caused by panties of nylon or the wet bathing suits.

Avoid the sexual positions that irritate or damage uretra or vejiga.

Tinkle within the 15 following minutes to the sexual act.

The acute renales infections in the men of any age can be indicative of serious a primary disease, like a tumor, obstruction or affection of the prostate.

Consult his doctor, although the symptoms disappear spontaneously.

Signs and symptoms.

Sudden appearance of:

Fever and chills with tremors.

Micción frequents quemante.

It tinkles cloudy or blood in tinkles it.

Pain (sometimes severe) in one or both sides of the inferior back.

Abdominal pain.

Marked fatigue.

The small children or the old ones can not have these typical signs and symptoms.


The bacterium (specially escherichia coli) invades one or both kidneys.

The infection can begin in vejiga.

The more common causes of infection by bacterium are:

In the women, energetic sexual activity, that it causes that the bacterium introduces itself in uretra and vejiga.

Infection in any other site of the body that leads to the kidneys by the sanguineous flow or the lymphatic glands.

Blockade or anomalies of the urinary system, caused by:

Calculations, congenital obstructions, anomalies or bad operation of vejiga due to nervous affections, tumors.

Used catheters, tubes or surgical procedures in other medical processes.

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