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A problem that is reflected in the high index of medical consultations, is of the syndrome of the null and voidable intestine or espástico colon, that in addition to being very annoying by the symptoms that produces, causes scholastic and labor absenteeism, excessive expenses in medicines and much, but much malaise besides which without being serious, it can be a problem that appears during all the life.

This problem, that mainly affects the heavy intestine usually is pronounced mainly between the 20 and 30 years of age and mainly affects the women, although is the thousand people, men and women who suffer it of all the ages and recurrent form.

It is originated by problems in the peristaltismo, is to say in the intestinal contractions that they cause that the rest of foods that have formed the fecal matter advance by the heavy intestine so that evacuated or expelled from the organism.

In normal conditions, the movements of the intestine moderate and or are coordinated so that they are imperceptible, but with the syndrome of null and voidable colon, the contractions are strong, descortinadas and excessively strong or weak, which causes the symptoms and the annoyances.

It is not known what originates east problem, but it has been related much to emotional factors, stress, the nutritional use of laxatives and habits and life as it is the sedentarismo.

Between the nutritional factors they emphasize the little water and fiber consumption.

This suffering is not related to some organic problem, but some diets, medicines, hormones, the tabaquismo, alcoholism or the consumption of some drugs, are factors that can trigger it or aggravate it.

Symptoms and signs.

The medical diagnosis is important, there are other sufferings can have similar symptoms like the pelvic inflammation or the cancer of colon.

The intestinal inflammatory upheavals and the diverticulosis can also produce similar symptoms. Also it is possible that they must to intestinal parasites, in individual giardia, as well as to a intolerancia to the lactose or diverse syndromes of malabsorción.

Between the common symptoms they are:

Pain and abdominal inflammation - Diarrea combined with periods of constipation.



Sometimes headache.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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