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It is a frequent problem and one calculates that between adults 3 of each 10 usually they have it and more or less one of each 5 children presents / displays this or another problem of visual sharpness, reason why is important to take care of them on time to avoid learning problems to them.

The myopia is generally been from an increase or elongación in the anteroposterior diameter of the ocular globe that in normal situation must be round. This elongación of the front backwards causes that the light rays focus in front of the retina and not in her, causing that the distant objects are difficult to distinguish.

Also it can be caused by the increase of the capacity of refraction of some of the layers of the eye like the cornea, the crystalline or watery humor or by the increase of the curvature of the cornea or the crystalline.

This upheaval can be congenital or to be developed during the childhood. Also a propensity exists to inherit it of the parents. One generally detects from the childhood, when problems when reading are experienced what the teacher writes in the blackboard of the school and the same affects to children and children. When it is developed during the childhood, its progress is fast, requiring some times the change of lenses correctors every year.

The vision tends to become stabilized during the first years of the adult life, reason why after the 20 years, many people no longer must change their lenses.

Between the main symptoms they are: difficulty to see distant objects, headache and ocular fatigue what can cause reddening and pain in the eyes. A characteristic gesture is the one to close a little the eyes to be able to afocar better.

In order to diagnose it, the optometrista ophtalmologist or makes the test of visual sharpness using the record of Snellen, that contains diverse size of letter and that when reading they allow them to establish the visual problem. They are complemented with the test of several lenses to choose the suitable one to the necessities of each person. He is very recommendable to apply the test with the record to all the children and children in scholastic age, so that if they have some visual problem east does not interfere in its learning.

The myopia corrects with excellent results using concave lenses, that are thinner in the average part that in the edges. Many people can use contact lenses or resort to the refracting surgery after the 18 years, age in which the eyes let grow.

It is important not to ignore the problems of visual sharpness, since with time they can cause greater problems like the loosening of retina or vitreous humor. Many children do not wish to use lenses due to ridicules of the companions, reason why it is necessary to make see the importance them of taking care of its Vista and of making feel them insurances with its use.

Some recommendations for people and children with myopia are:

To read On guard seated, not laid down nor with the book upwards, a suitable direct illumination on the book or notebook and the light of the ignited room. The reading inclined a little and to about 40 cm. of distance.

To make pauses frequent when one is studying or reading or working in the computer.

To feed with fruits and vegetables well that contain vitamins that fortify the vision.

To review the Vista with an ophtalmologist, at least once to the year.

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