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The retina is a very thin weave and is transparent that it covers the internal layer of the eye and is formed by a series of fibers and photosensitive cells, is to say very sensible to the light. This fragile but very important layer is adhered to vitreous humor in four concrete points.

Its function is one of most important for the Vista, since it allows that the light happens through the cornea and of the crystalline and is focused on her, stimulating the cells who is responsible "to catch the images" and thus to be able to transmit them to the brain by means of the optical nerve.

The loosening of retina, is a problem caused by a traction of the vitreous one that can cause a tear or hole in the retina. As the pressure increases, the hair small glasses that are located behind the retina, send liquids towards ahead, forming "blisters" on the surface of the retina.

This problem affects approximately to one of each 10, 000 people, for year, reason why it is a quite severe and important problem. It can happen to any age although the age is an important factor since most of affected people they are located of the 50 years in ahead and generally also the loosening or important changes of the structure of the vitreous one is associated with.

Although some loosenings of vitreous happen of natural form with the aging and they do not cause damage to the retina, are factors like the abnormal growth of the eye (some times like result of the myopia) inflammation or accidents with ocular traumatismo, that can cause their loosening.

When the retina is given off, it is because a tear takes place through which it penetrates the fluid of vitreous humor between the layers of the retina, facilitating the separation and its later loosening. This causes that the zone of the retina that has been given off does not work correctly and produces a blurred vision or a zone of blindness.

The first stage of the loosening can be a hole or tear in the retina and as humor "is liquefied", it is come off the retina and it forms "floating hilillos", symptom that present / display million people and who appear and disappear without no with sequence, nor evident reason.

When vitreous humor is given off more, it throws of the retina and the people see as shining sparkles or "stars". If the pull causes a tear in the retina, the blood of the affected capillaries will penetrate in vitreous humor through this small opening and will cause a blurred vision.

Many can be the causes of the loosening of retina, being the main ones.

the abnormal growth of the eye, some times like result of the myopia.

having some upheaval in the retina.

a blow or strong traumatismo.

excessive Stress.

Hemorrhages or tears in the structure of the weave of the retina.

Iritis, that is serious an ocular inflammation.

Some hereditary diseases.

Also it can be caused by some disease, in these cases is known him like secondary loosening of retina, since there are tear or no holes, but that are given off like result of these complications, and among them are.

ocular Tumors.


arterial Hypertension.

Surgery to eliminate cataracts.

severe Inflammations of the eye.

It is very important that if risk factors exist or as soon as the symptoms begin, is gone to the doctor and the treatment adapted to the cause is received, since of not becoming opportunely the risk is run of losing the vision of irreversible form.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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