Corneal abrasion

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Corneal abrasion
Corneal abrasion.

Wound to the cornea, the transparent layer of the eye where light enters.


Embedding a foreign body in the cornea, such as a small piece of metal, glass or sand.

Infection with herpes simplex virus, which causes sores.

Infections in the eyelids and conjunctiva (most superficial part of the rest of the eye)

Defective closure of the eyelid.

Prolonged use or poor placement of contact lenses.

Signs and symptoms.

Pain in the eye, usually important.

Sensitivity to light.

Spasm of the eyelid.


Blurred vision.

Redness of the white of the eye.

Risk Factors.

Cigarette smoke or other environmental irritants eye.

Exposure to the wind with particles (sand, dirt, etc.

Work with tools that produce particles (sanders, grinders, welding, etc. Without eye protection.


Wash hands frequently.

Prevent the entry of particles in the eye:

Wear safety goggles when carrying out work that can project particles.

Wear sunglasses whenever you to drive or travel in open vehicles, including motorcycles and motor boats.

NEVER will not rub your eyes if you notice that he has got something in them. Laveselos with plenty of water.

Diagnosis and Treatment.


History and physical examination by a doctor.

Through a simple test that will find out after anesthetize the eye, if you have a wound on the cornea.


General Measures.

Apply in the eye compresses of cold water as often as you lead a relief.

A patch can reduce the inconvenience.


The doctor may prescribe eye ointment to heal before or prevent the infection of the abrasion.

For the inconvenience can take non - prescription medicines such as aspirin or paracetamol.


You can continue with their normal activities, extemando care of the eye, and bearing in mind that with the evil eye are calculated distances (Avoid driving and other activities in which their safety or that of others depends on an accurate assessment of distances, as gruista)


Not require any special diet.


The injuries to the cornea can become infected, the infection can progress to the interior of the eye, causing its loss.

The particles embedded metal can oxidize, producing a permanent stain.


An eye abrasion is a potentially serious damage.

It requires professional care quickly.

With proper treatment, they usually heal within a few days.

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