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Contact dermatitis
Two types of dermatitis by contact appear: the allergic dermatitises and the irritativas.

Those of allergic type, generally they are caused by elements like the present dust, sun, chemical elements in some cosmetics or chapús, the rubber or the leather of the shoes and some plants like the poisonous ivy.

The irritativas dermatitises have to with time do of exhibition and the concentration of the substance that causes the irritation. Between most common they are the one of the diaper, those of the mouth, caused by the use of chupones and those that affect the plant of the feet.

This dermatitis has appears in the area that is in contact with the enemy with the element or substance that causes the reaction, for example, if it is pronounced in hairy leather and after the ears it or used dyes is caused by champú, if it is in the wrist, by bracelets or in the fingers by ring, the armpits by the deodorant use. This is important because it is easier to identify the substance that is causing it.

One of the irritativas dermatitises commonest is youthful to plant, that is related to the footwear and it pronounces by injuries and comezón in the plant of the feet or the one of the mouth of the babies that is caused by the use of chupones.

In the dermatitises of allergic type, it is important to identify the element that causes it, so that a registry of the moments can be taken at which it appeared and the elements whereupon were in contact with the enemy. The suitable treatment must give it a alergólogo doctor to avoid that the pictures are repeated.

Youthful the plantar dermatitis can be improved with the change of shoes, the application of medicines that prevent the excessive sweat and the cream use to avoid the resequedad and comezón.

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