Chronic headaches

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Chronic headaches

Intense headache, generally in a side, that usually is accompanied by nauseas, weakness and problems of vision.

Each episode can last from 2 to 48 hours.

It is commonest in women.

The headaches can have many causes, here we will be centered in the idiopáticos or without specific underlying cause.

Of between these (migraines in cluster, jaquecas and migrañas) by its frequency we will fit ourselves to these last ones.


The exact cause is not known.

It seems to be related to the mechanisms of cerebral neurtransmisión and the changes in the sanguineous flows.

There are leading mechanisms like:


Oral contraceptives.


Alcohol and certain foods (cheeses, chocolate, etc.



Signs and symptoms.

Person varies of person to, but "dawn" exists that always precedes to the attack, in which the Vista, the sense of smell or hearing are affected, being the same one in each patient.

The pain settles down progressively and is intense in a side of the head.

It can cause nauseas and vomit.

Factors of risk.


Familiar history of migrañas.


Alcohol in excess.

Medicine use without control.

Oral contraceptives.


To reduce stress.

Some medications reduce the symptoms and they even prevent the attacks.

Diagnosis and treatment.


The diagnosis is clinical, after making analysis of cerebral blood and T. A. C. E. E. G. among others, to discard underlying causes.


To apply to a rag or ice at the top.

To rest in the dark in a room during several hours.

To avoid scents, lights and noises.

Ergotamina, aspirin, paracetamol and ibuprofeno.

In more severe cases codeine.

The antihistamine ones improve the expansion of the glasses.

The vasoconstrictores narrow the glasses.

The adrenérgicos drugs beta usually are beneficial in some individuals.

Recently antagonistic serotoninérgicos have been commercialized (a nervous messenger) that seem very effective for jugular an attack, but that, to the being very powerful, will have to be prescribed by the doctor.


Migraña of more than 72 hours, that lead to dehydration and cerebral inflammation.


The symptoms are controlled with the treatment.

The duration of the attacks usually diminishes in the time.

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