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Parties concerned.

Skin disorder characterized by small blisters on hands or feet, which seems to accompany the stress.

It affects the ends and sides of the fingers of the hands or feet, palms of hands and soles of the feet.


Appears in both sexes, all ages, but is more common in males between 20 and 50 years.


Unknown, but appear to be linked with periods of anxiety, stress and frustration in people who do not externalize their emotions.

People with Dyshidrosis have difficulties to relax, even outside periods problematic.

This problem is not caused by the retention of sweat, as was believed at the time, believed that gave him the name.

Signs and symptoms.

Small blisters with the following characteristics:

Blisters are very small (1mm or less in diameter)

They appear on the tips of the fingers or toes, the palms of the hands or the soles of the feet.

The blisters are opaque and are level with the skin or slightly prominent.

Do not break easily.

In some cases come together to form a large bulb.

The blisters can sting, hurt or not produce any symptoms.

Worsen in contact with soap, water or irritating substances.

Risk Factors.


Stress and internalization of frustration or anger.

Obsessive - compulsive personalities.


Follow the instructions in General Measures.

They help prevent relapse and to treat episodes assets.

Diagnosis and Treatment.


Follow the instructions in General Measures.

They help prevent relapse and to treat episodes assets.


Medical treatment.

Psychotherapy or counseling to cope with stress.

General measures.

Whenever possible, avoid moisture and heat in the affected areas:

Wear cotton socks and shoes with leather soles.

Do not wear sport shoes or other footwear made from synthetic materials.

Take off socks and shoes often, so that the sweat evaporates.

Wear gloves vinyl - lined cotton to avoid contact with irritating substances like water, soap, detergent, abrasive aluminum, and other cleaning products.

Dry the inside of the gloves after use.

Dispose of the gloves if they make a hole.

Wear gloves to peel or squeeze acidic fruits and vegetables.

Take special gloves for the work of the house or gardening.

If you can, use the dishwasher. If you do not have one, make sure that someone take care of that part of the kitchen.

Avoid contact with chemical irritants such as paint, thinner and abrillantadores for cars, floors, shoes, furniture and metals.

Remove rings before doing housework or washing hands.

Use very warm water and mild soap in the shower or bath.


You can get preparations of steroids without a prescription to reduce the inflammation and itching, 1 or 2 times a day, unless your doctor advises other dosages.

If they do not end, the doctor may prescribe steroid preparations strongest.

Advise your doctor if.

Notes symptoms of infection around the blisters (swelling, redness, tenderness or heat)

The symptoms do not improve after a week despite treatment.

In the middle of improvement, the symptoms reappear.


Secondary bacterial infection (sometimes)


The symptoms can be controlled through treatment, but relapses are frequent.

People with mild problems have attacks from time to time, and the skin returns to normal between episodes.

People with severe problems have more severe symptoms, sometimes even exfoliates and persistent cracks in the affected skin.

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