Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
An obsession, is defined as a thought, devises, impulse or recurrent image that is not wished, is considered unsuitable and caused anxiety, shame and fear, generally is repugnant and often they are not real nor they have nothing to do with the reality. Generally the person gets to recognize sometimes that this problem is product of its mind (perception) and tries to ignore, to neutralize or to suppress these thoughts, impulses or images with other thoughts and actions, obtaining a temporary lightening, later to return to fall in the same obsession.

Between the most frequent obsessions they are the related ones to the health, the cleaning, the order, the security, the perfection in the work in the scholastic tasks or any other activity that are become serious before estresantes situations. The obsessive acts or rituals can include the collecting, the meticulosidad in the actions, but also doing gestures when passing by some site or being called on some object to prevent some damage.

A compulsión is a behavior or repetitive mental act, is a recurrent conduct caused by an obsession to the fulfillment of certain rules or stereotyped forms of conduct, that the person must follow strictly according to her criterion and which they cause generally one loss of time and quality of important life. These compulsiones can be conductuales or cognitivas. First they are possible to be observed, second only happen in the mind of the person.

These behaviors or thoughts have like intention the prevention of some damage (like closing the door or the keys of the gas several times) or to reduce the malaise that the anxiety causes or distresses, like repeating words or phrases and ordering objects all along) nevertheless they are not related really to what they try to neutralize or to come up or are completely excessive and unnecessary.

From the inadequate handling of these two conducts the well - known obsessive - compulsive upheaval like TOC arises, the one that appears much more of which one can be imagined and been an upheaval of very angustiante anxiety, by which a person is immersed in a system of ideas, recurrent thoughts and conducts.

That system of behavior, that makes no sense for the rest of the people, is governed by a series of rituals and conforms a powerful mental structure, very difficult to resist that it can remain during all the life and whose results can affect the familiar relations, labor, scholastic and social of very negative and dangerous form.

Nevertheless it is necessary to be careful, since many individuals exist that seem to have a compulsive attitude to maintain a high level of activity or organization, but this does not interfere negatively in its life, reason why it is not possible to be considered that it is a TOC.

Although she does not know herself well which is its origin, nor how many people suffer, since by regulating she does not go herself to the psychiatrist before this problem, environmental esteem that a 2% of the population suffer it and it has been related to some nonbiological hereditary factors but by the conduct of the parents, biological, neurobiológicos, influences and cognitivos processes, more than with traumatic personal experiences as she thought previously.

Generally, the parents of the obsessive - compulsive person uncertain, very rigid and severe, usually are taken off or little expressive with the children, which contributes to the formation of a personality with very high levels of autoexigencia, hostility towards its parents that causes fault feelings, much anxiety and mechanisms by ricochet, with acute sense of critic and self - criticism and low affective level.

He is frequent that the people with TOC, manage to control or to hide their impulses when they are with other people and they can get to live its obsession privily, which will prevent that they receive suitable and opportune aid.

This type of upheaval the same affects men that to women and can present / display its symptoms from the adolescence, although also there are children who suffer it. Between the men the average of appearance of the symptoms is between the 6 and 15 years whereas in the women, more between the 20 and 29 years is pronounced.

Luckyly, very effective treatments exist already that although are not able to eliminate the problem totally, yes manage to control it of such form that the people can have a life normal and to live with quality.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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