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Compulsive eater
Eating compulsively is one of them upheaval of the nourishing conduct and a chronic disease, that very is related to the depression, the fears and phobias and entails to other problems of health, as on weight and the obesity among other many.

This disease affects mainly to people with obesity who follow diets by long periods, but does not discard people who have a normal weight. More in women than in men and much more in young people appears.

This problem is characterized so that the person eats just a short time in a greater amount to the one than she is due to consume normally, of exaggerated form, uncontrolled and with much anxiety. This problem goes followed of malaise, shame and blames, not only by the form of behavior but by the increase of weight that general.

Another one of the manifestations is that yoyo is part of the famous syndrome of the effect, that is to say, to lower and to raise continuously of weight, with the risks that this instability in the organism entails.

It is a problem that affects of integral form to those who many emotional and social problems also suffer, since it not only causes diverse physiological problems, but.

Eating compulsively, is characterized to eat a great amount of food without being able to control it, although hunger is not had or already the full stomach feels, that is that is lost the control of which it eats. Often which happens when the person cannot control a negative emotion and its anxiety increases, causes a metabolic problem that becomes a vicious circle, eats, becomes distressed, eats, becomes distressed.

Another characteristic is the obsession to the food and to initiate diets of all type, that do not get to conclude and break easily and in very just a short time.

These people, generally feel like guilty by not being able to control the food ingestion and get to obsess themselves by their weight of sickly form.

The compulsive dining room, unlike the patients of bulimia and anorexy, is induced I vomit, neither take diuréticos laxatives nor.

The people who suffer this type of upheaval respond of inadequate way to situations of stress, daily problems and emotional conflicts. They have low self - esteem, they are perfeccionistas and demanding and with tendency to the impulsividad. The food uses as a form to calm the situations that are difficult to them to bear.

Compulsive men and women hungry hide some times behind their physical appearance, creating a blockade among them and the society and guilty not being feel the sufficiently good thing. Many of them were victims of sexual abuse.

With one it lowers self - esteem, accompanied of an acceptance necessity, validation and affection, the episode of stuffings and the moments at which it eats, become an obsession and a form to forget the intense pain that produce to them not to be accepted and the eagerness of being wanted.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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