alquequenjephysalis alkekengi

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alquequenjephysalis alkekengi
Other Names:

Alicabi, Capuli, Finish, Halícabalo, Solano bladder, Tomatillo English, Bladder Dog.

The red berries of alquequenje are an exquisite taste of bittersweet, and is one that keeps in candy or vinegar. In some places it is done fermenting wine with them. However, it is much better to direct the berries of this plant, without having to mix them with wine.

HABITAT: grows in the central and southern Europe, as well as in temperate regions of Central and South America. It is rare, and prefers the edges of vineyards and forests.

Description: plant of the Solanaceae family, which reaches up to one meter in height. Its fruit is a berry red or orange, the size of a cherry, covered by a scarlet red calyx that swells to form a sort of bladder known as "Finish".

Used parts: the fruits (berries)

Properties and indications: the berries are very rich in vitamin C (more than lemon) as well as organic acids (citric and malic acids) carotene (provitamin A) fisalieno (color red) and present evidence of alkaloids. They have diuretic properties, and depurativas uricosuric (increase the elimination of uric acid) They are a good remedy for those suffering:

Urolithiasis: promote the dissolution of the calculations Urica salt and grit from elimination. Prevent urinary sediment rush to form new calculations.

Urica arthritis and gout: facilitating the elimination of uric acid (uricosuric action)

Use: Fresh or dried berries at a rate of 10 or 20 in the morning, noon and the like. In decoction of 50 to 100 g of berries per liter of water, which takes 3 to 4 cups a day.

Powder: The once dried berries are crushed into powder, you can take 2 to 3 degrees. about 3 times a day.

Decoction: 15 - 20 berries were boiled for five minutes in a liter of water, allowed to stand and cool; Slips liquid and sweeten to taste each one, takes a glass in the morning, giving depurative a good effect.

Wine: We get 200 gr. Dried berries or 100 degrees. Berry and 100 gr. leaves too dry and put to macerate in a pint of white wine. After a period of maceration between 1 and 2 weeks, during which has been stirring every day, the liquid is filtered and bottled. You can drink a cup after the main meal, thanks to its diuretic effect.

Syrup: Starting with a 10% extract, you can prepare a syrup of which take a big spoonful, three times a day.

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