Vaginal Discharge

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Vaginal Discharge
Frequently, the amount of humidity increases and arrives at vulva, that to the very sensible being it allows that the woman experiences the sensation of flow of such form that stains its underclothes and usually causes diverse annoyances.

The feminine vaginal flow, also called leucorrea is the abnormal, persistent and visible increase during a determined time of this natural secretion.

The feminine sexual organs are vulva, vagina, uterus and ovaries and very bound to them are uretra and the parauretrales glands. Anyone of these parts can be altered when it is affected by an infection and one of the main manifestations is the presence of a secretion that not necessarily indicates an infection.

So that a secretion is considered abnormal and requires of the medical consultation, it is necessary to take into account if infectious flow appears: prurito, edema to vulvar, fissures, ardor when tinkling, grayish or greenish color and fétido scent and can be caused by fungi, bacteria, virus or by parasites.

Between the causes of the vaginal flow also are the hormonal changes that they can cause hypersecretion of small glands of the genital apparatus that are in the cervical zone that slips towards the outside. Generally this type of flow is as grayish snot without scent and usually is more evident at the moment of the ovulation that takes place approximately in half of the mentrual cycle.

The vaginal flow is caused by several factors like:

the diminution of the estrogen levels and progesterone, sexual hormones that take place in the ovaries.

By the hormonal changes that appear during the pregnancy.

By anatomical alterations of the genital apparatus caused by some disease like cervicouterino cancer.

to suffer metabolic diseases like the diabetes or the obesity.

By diseases of sexual transmission.

By specific allergies or irritations.

By the use of antibiotics of ample phantom, oral penicillins and tetraciclinas, medicines corticoids and contraceptives with high doses in estrogens or by the vaginal sponge use.

By the use of underclothes very stuck and it narrows or that is lycra or nylon and other synthetic fibers.

to have an exaggerated or very poor hygiene.

Also it can be caused by pathogenic microorganisms. Between that more frequently they attack they are.

tricomonas vaginalis: Parasites that are located in the neck of the uterus, vagina and uretra. They produce a flowed, abundant, frothy flow, of fétido scent and greenish color. Picazón is accompanied by one genital intense that increases in the posmenstrual period. It invades the urinary apparatus producing difficulty to tinkle, ardor and increase of the frequency of the micciones. The treatment must be of the pair for its treatment, using metronidazol like antibiotic.

By Gardenerella vaginalis: being a very common cause of infections of sexual transmission, it is located in the vagina; it produces little, off - white, grayish a flow homogenous of fétido scent. Its treatment includes metronidazol, with good results, having of being avoided the alcohol ingestion in all the cases.

By innocent albicans: that it is commonest of the vaginal micosis. It produces a little, cremoso flow and thick, with intense picazón and in its treatment the nistatina in vaginal ova or capsules by oral route is used.

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