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Heart Attack.

The term heart attack is comparable to myocardial infarction.


When the oxygen that you get to the heart is insufficient to meet the needs of it, suffering cardiac muscle cells (angina) and may come to dying (heart attack)

The most common cause is the narrowing of the arteries feeding the heart, coronary arteries by atherosclerosis.

Signs and symptoms.

The most characteristic symptoms are:

A feeling of pressure or pain in the chest that radiates or extends into the arms or jaw.

The subject provides an abundant sweating and nausea or vomiting.

If the attack has turned grave can be losing consciousness, even to stop breathing and heartbeat.


Above all stay calm and see if the patient remains conscious, and if so, immediately call an ambulance and vigílele until help arrives. Make sure you breathe comfortably (tie and release the top button of his shirt) and check a pulse stable submits that before requesting help.

If the patient becomes unconscious and stops breathing should begin a rapid cardiopulmonary resuscitation. To do so, the patient lie down on a hard surface, such as soil. Aflójele clothes and extend your head back by pulling the tongue out to open the throat. Check if you breathe watching moving the chest and put his ear to his mouth to hear and feel the air. If not breathing, put a hand below the neck and the other on the forehead tapándole nose with your fingers. Now blow into his mouth four times.

Verify that your heart beats looking for the pulse in her neck right next to the trachea. If late, continue to breath giving a deep breath every five seconds. If not the heart beats must also perform a heart massage: Find the tip of the sternum and go three centimeters, or roughly two fingers; here put the palm of your hand and put your other hand on top of that, now thrust into a downward blow dry; Relax and repeat a stroke per second, seeking a steady pace; every five compressions to someone else you breathed a deep breath in the mouth.

After performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation for one minute, go back and check the pulse of the neck and the pupils of the eyes. If you decrease in size means that the brain receives blood needed.

Call for help.

In case you are alone, the heart must pump with thirty compressions instead of every fifteen hundred and sixty breathe twice in the patient's mouth. If you retrieve your breath and heartbeat, keep warm and comfortable while still watch.

Risk Factors.

All those that affect the cardiovascular disease:

Personal or family history of rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases.



Diet rich in fats.





Hypertension (Hiperosterolemia, diabetes mellitus)


Remove the above factors.

Organized life, varied and balanced diet, but gentle exercise daily, avoid tensions and concerns.

Treatment of diabtes, hypertension and hiperolesterolemia.

Diagnosis and Treatment.

The electrocardiogram confirms the diagnosis.

The treatment is based on prevention and possibly in the antihypertensive medications or anticolesterinizante.


The progression of thrombi can reach the brain causing motor disorders, paralysis or death.


The prevention of a second heart attack by the correction of risk factors, antithrombotic medication and therapy replacement genetics, make possible today's increasingly improved forecasts.

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