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The word bulimia means "ox hunger" and the disease is associated to the idea of not wanting to get fat, although the person "does not feel like nor sees fat person".

This disease has been increased much, in much due to the publicity and fashion that establishes like "acceptable" the thin people.

It is characterized by the fast ingestion of a great amount of foods in a short period, for later motivated by the sense of culpability by the abuse to eat, causes that the patients autoinduzcan the vomit or use in indiscriminate form laxative to accelerate the evacuation and to prevent that the nutrimentos penetrate to the sanguineous torrent.

Also the diuréticos and the accomplishment of excessive physical exercises are used, with the purpose of annulling the effect of consumed foods.

According to some studies, the ill people compulsively usually eat, faster than the normal thing and in greater amount, the stuffings are made solo, since it exists a great fault and depression and fear to express or to that others realize of which they are doing.

Due to the form in which it is to avoid the integration of foods to the organism, by means of vomits and / or laxatives, a great imbalance can be generated organic that can cause serious upheavals of the digestive system, irreversible damages in the stomach, esophagus and mouth, mainly in encías, dehydration, undernourishment, anemia and even end at the death, by the excessive loss of potassium, which causes problems cardiac.

Two types of bulimia exist nervosa: The purgativo type describes to the people who regularly car induce the vomit, abuse laxatives, diuréticos and enemas.

The nonpurgativo type describes to the people who regularly ayunan or diets are applied excessively or make exercise of compulsive form.


The content of this note, does not replace the medical diagnosis, it only appears as information and the same we are not made people in charge on its use.


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