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The blood is a vital weave of the human body. More or less a person has continuously around 5 liters circulating and is a vital liquid since she transports the nutritious substances and oxygen to all the cells, weaves and organs of the body.

It is formed of red globules or white eritrocitos, globules or leukocytes and plaquetas. The red color of the blood receives it from the hemoglobina, that is rich the iron and is in charge to transport oxygen to all the organism.

Anemia is disease or upheaval of blood caused by loss of hemoglobina, which it is caused by multiple factors, that of some form alter their formation, their number and quality or favor his destruction.

This suffering can be very serious, since the lack of oxigenación in the vital organs like the heart, the brain, the lungs and others can cause until the death or irreversible damages. In the children and young people the anemia causes problems in the growth and physical and mental development.

Between the main causes of anemia they are the undernourishment, the metabolic lack of production of bony marrow, defects, the consumption of some drugs, the presence in the toxin body certain of the medio. ambiente, the hemorrhages or excessive loss of blood, the cancer and other diseases.

There are many types of anemia, but all have to do with the amount and quality of red globules, among them, is: The anemia by vitamin deficiency B12, the aplástica, the hemolítica, the one that the iron, fólico acid deficiency produces, the megaloblástica, pernicious and the the one of falciformes cells, among others.

Between the general symptoms of the anemia they are:

Low of weight and appetite.

Fatigue and weakness.

excessive Pallor and lack of coloration in the mucous, mainly of the eyes.

accelerated Frequency cardiac.

respiratory Problems.

Pain chest.

The opportune diagnosis is very important to avoid complications, mainly if frequent hemorrhages are suffered. In order to establish it the doctor it makes an exploration and it asks for a blood analysis to detect the levels of hemoglobina and present eritrocitos in the blood. The blood analysis also allows to look for pathologies in the form, the size, the color and the distribution of the sanguineous cells.

In some anemias the diagnosis also requires an analysis of the bony marrow, the one that is obtained aspiring with a hollow needle within certain bones, in special the one of the hip.

For its treatment the red consumption of blood is recommended, rich iron foods like vegetables of green leaf, the consumption or intramuscular application of B12 vitamin and in more severe cases a transfusion of blood or bony marrow.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is totally informative, does not replace the medical diagnosis reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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