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Also it is known him like disease to diverticular Is a suffering that affects the heavy intestine, mainly in the part of the colon, in where small bags or in the zones form divertículos in which the intestinal wall is weaker.

To each stock market the flame divertículo and to all the together bags that form is called diverticulosis to them.

Generally, the people who suffer them do not present / display symptoms, others occasionally have slight, diarrea pain or presence of blood in the evacuations.

The severe problem appears when the fecal matter is accumulated in one or several of the bags, developing a called infection diverticulitis, that are characterized by fever, bled weighs, intense pain in the abdomen and general malaise and thinks that it is caused by the bacteria that contains the fecal matter and are catched in the divertículos infecting them.

The diverticulitis appears between the 10 to 25% of the people who have diverticulosis, that get to be almost all the greater people of 80 years and generally in countries in where the diets are low in fiber.

If it is not taken care of, opportunely, the diverticulitis can cause serious complications, like the perforation of the intestine, that can cause to a peritonitis or an inflammation and infection of the membrane and the abdominal cavity that can be mortal.

Which is thought that the origin of this disease is the low fiber diet, originates constipation and with it the increase of the pressure in the colon, which causes that the muscles make an effort too much to move the fecal matter that is very hard and causes that in the weak points of the colon they appear or the divertículos form.

The fiber is the part of the fruits, vegetables and grains that the body cannot digest and allows the formation of consistent but smooth fecal matter. The soluble fiber dissolves easily in water and acquires a soft consistency and gelatinous in the internal and the insoluble fiber it happens almost through the internal without changing.

Both fibers, soluble and the insoluble one, help to that the fecal matter is soft and happens easily through the intestine.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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