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It is considered that at least 20% of all the pregnancies finish in abortion between sixth and the tenth week. Nevertheless, recent studies indicate that the number can be much greater, since many women do not realize of which they are pregnant women, reason why the loss of the product happens inadvertent, since the woman considers that its menstrual period is more abundant of the normal thing, but not that is pregnant.

Most of the spontaneous abortions they are caused by some problem in the fetal development, generated generally by abnormalitys in some chromosomes or anatomical malformations of the mother or the organs that are developed for a pregnancy, as it is the placenta.

The chromosomic alterations mainly of chromosomes 13, 18 and 21, are responsible for 2, 5% of infantile mortality, and approximately for a 80% of spontaneous abortions during the first trimester.

The chromosomes, that must be integrated in 23 pairs after a fertilization, sometimes are incompletos, well - known affectation like anuplonidia. When in some chromosome only it is 1 needing its pair, monosomía is called to him and when there is one of more in some of them, as in the case of the syndrome of Down, it is known him like trisomía.

The spontaneous abortions also take place by:

genetic or genic Anomalies, are to say mutations that affect one or more genes.

the age of the woman, who to greater age increases the risk of spontaneous abortions.

the presence of certain environmental polluting agents as the lead or the radiations.

Bad nutrition, anemia or undernourishment.

the tabaquismo in the woman, since the lack of oxigenación adapted of the fetus and the placenta can trigger an abortion.

the drug alcoholism and consumption.

the traumatismos by accident or intrafamiliar violence.

By problems of operation in the feminine reproductive apparatus, mainly in the endometrium, that is the layer of the uterus in which it is implanted and it developed in fetus.

By infectious processes and diseases like the rubéola and those of sexual transmission.

By immunological problems as it can be eritomatoso Lupus.

to have in the matrix some intrauterine device.

By excess of stress or a fort hits emotional.

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