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Between the anomalies of the nipple, that usually are not very frequent are.

multiple Politelia or nipples. It affects between a 1 and 5% of the women and is more frequent to observe it in the left chest. In the men ginecomastia or enlargement of the chest is associated with one.

Atelia or lack of nipples, that is related to the lack of mammary weave and although it is possible to be corrected by means of a plastic surgery or placing a graft of the other nipple, this is not going to have sensitivity or is going to serve to nurse.

invested Nipples, problem that more or less affects 2% of the women. They can be due to congenital problems, by a mammary infection or mastitis, after a corrective surgery of the bust or by the scars that dissuade the weave after making some biopsy.

bifid Nipples or duplicates, that share a same areola.

fisurados Nipples, that are small and generally they cause the vomit of the baby when irritating to him paladar during the breast - feeding.

imperforados Nipples, that do not present / display openings to eliminate maternal milk.

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