Irritable bowel syndrome

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Irritable bowel syndrome
Also known like colon or espástico intestine, mucous colitis or syndrome of null and voidable intestine or SII, syndrome of functional colon or null and voidable colon, it is a very common suffering of the heavy intestine that it affects a great percentage of the population and that constitutes one of the first causes of consultation with the general doctors and gastroenterologists.

This syndrome produces very many symptoms and often it is had to him tie with stress. Generally it appears for the first time between the 8 and 25 years and from those ages, it affects of continuous form to all ages with greater incidence in the women.

This suffering affects the peristaltismo of the intestine, that is to say, to the contractions that force to foods and the remainders to advance by this part of the digestive system and that in normal conditions, these contractions are so slight, moderate and coordinated well that we did not feel them nor they cause annoyances to us.

Nevertheless, the peristaltismo of those who suffers this syndrome is irregular and incordinado and the contractions are or excessively vigorous or too weak what causes the annoying symptoms of pain, inflammation, diarrea or constipation.

The causes not yet are known well, but it thinks that among them they can be.

Hipersensibilidad of the intestine to certain gastrointestinales hormones.

physical or psychological estresantes Situations that trigger the symptoms.

To have a depressive, anxious or null and voidable personality.

Lack of fiber content in the daily diet.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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