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Loss of the density, mass and concentration of the bones, that increase to their porosity and vulnerability to the fractures.

Women after the menopause.

To call to the doctor if.

It has osteoporosis symptoms.

It has pains, mainly after an injury.

New and inexplicable symptoms arise, like vaginal hemorrhages. The medication used in the treatment can produce indirect effect.


The calcium diet, supplements and fluorido, vitamin D, the exercise and the estrogens, can contribute to paralyze - and until a to revert - the deterioration of the bones. The fractures knit with a standard treatment.


Fractures of bones by falls, specially of hips or column. Sometimes, a bone can fracture without no reason.

Diagnosis and treatment.

Sanitary precautions.

Car well - taken care of.

Medical treatment.

General measures.

Avoid the occasions that can cause an injury. Avoid the encerados or wet streets when it freezes, or grounds. In the stairs, it agárrese to the railings.

If estrogens have prescribed him, visits their doctor with regularity for an exploration of pelvis and vaginal cytology.

Once to the month, it verifies that it does not have bulks in the chests.

If it bleeds or it has vaginal flow, dígaselo to its doctor.

Use any heat form or cold to alleviate the pain.

Sleep in hard mattresses.

When his doctor is sent to it, he uses a support in the back.

Adopt a position adapted when raising weights.

Avoid medications that alter the mind, like sedatives or tranquilizers, that can cause falls and fractures.


Active Manténgase, avoiding the risk of falls.

The exercise - in special taking a walk or running - contributes to maintain the resistance of the bones.


Keep bed up to 2 or 3 weeks after the symptoms disappear.

Return gradually to its habitual activities.


Follow a diet normal, balanced well, high in proteins, calcium and vitamin D.

Factors of risk.

Surgery to extirpate the ovaries.

Treatment of radiations in cancers of ovaries.

Chronic of tracto urinary and pelvic infections.

Bad feeding, specially poor in calcium and proteins.

Corporal type. The thin women, with small structures, are more susceptible.


Asegúrese to have an suitable calcium contribution - until 1500mg daily - with milky milk and products or calcium supplements.

Make exercise with regularity. Walk quickly, is better than swimming to prevent the osteoporosis.

Protéjase against falls, mainly in its house.

Consult with its doctor on the convenience of taking supplements from estrogens, calcium and fluoridos when the menopause begins, or after an extraction of ovaries. Certain greater people need aid to follow a diet adapted, to stay in good physical form or to protect themselves against the domestic accidents.

Signs and symptoms.

First symptoms:


Without symptoms (often)

Later symptoms:

Sudden backache accompanied by a crepitante noise, sign of fracture.

Deformed column, with humps.

Loss of stature.

Fractures by insignificant injuries, specially in hip or arm.


Loss of bony structure and concentration.

The factors include:

Diets with prolonged deficiency of calcium and proteins.

Low estrogen levels after the menopause.

Diminution of the activity due to the age.

Tabaquismo (possible)

Drug use with cortisone.

Prolonged diseases, including the alcoholism.

Vitaminic deficiency (mainly vitamin C)



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