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The immunological system is the one in charge to protect the organism of the agents who him can cause damages.

For it, in the blood they are the white globules that although live very few hours, renew all along in the bony marrow that are located within some bones and is the one in charge to produce them.

But when the bony space in which the marrow takes place is invaded by cells you vitiate or atípicas that grow in limitless form, cannot work normally and leukemia is developed to a called cancer.

It is to say that the leukemia or cancer of the blood takes place because in the bony marrow there are other cells that invade it and they do not allow that it makes white globules. The leukemia is the term that describes the diverse types of cancer which they affect the blood.

This disease in Mexico, is the first cause of infantile mortality by cancer, affects more to children and in the last years it has increased much between adult people.

Its name comes from the Greek and means "white blood", because the blood of the people who suffer this disease presents / displays pale a whitish or pink color, due to the high amount of abnormal white globules that are the causes of the cancer.

The leukemia affects to all the sanguineous cells and the bony marrow, but mainly to white globules or leukocytes and it is characterized by a halting in the maturation of the cells in charge of the formation of the components of the blood, at the same time that take place without control immature sanguineous cells.

This proliferation of cells you vitiate is originated in the bony marrow, ordered to distribute the blood to different weaves from the body.

Although the cause or causes is not known with exactitude, it knows that diverse predisponentes factors exist as they are the genetic ones, environmental immunodeficiencies, factors and virus.

Between the identified factors as leading of the leukemia it is the exhibition to ionizing radiations, the contact with benzene, pesticidas or tars and the use of some drugs against the cancer and other medicines. Also some genetic upheavals like the syndrome of Down, increase the risk.

Some decades ago this disease was mortal in a percentage very elevated, but the scientific studies have allowed to develop schemes of treatment with a greater effectiveness, helping to that the mortality indices have diminished considerably.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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