Plantar Warts

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Plantar Warts
Plantar warts.

Warts in the plants of the feet.


It affects to children and adults between the 20 and 50 years.


and usually they cure in 6 to 10 weeks with treatment, although sometimes they resist to the treatment.

He is frequent that reproduces.

To call to the doctor if.

The treated zone becomes infected, with reddening, heat and increase of the pain.


They are not to hope.

Factors of risk.


It can have a familiar predisposition.


It does not touch warts of other people.

One does not put the shoes of other people.

In clothes public or showers, it wears some footwear.

Diagnosis and treatment.


Clinical consultation and exploration by a doctor.

General measures.


To insert pads in the shoes to facilitate the movements.


When the annoyances are slight, medicines without prescription can be used, like paracetamol.

His doctor can prescribe Wendish treated chemically, who will be able to put you same.

Follows the instructions carefully, usually they are caustic.


There are no restrictions.

As to walk it makes worse warts, it tries to walk with the plant of the feet, without supporting them in warts.


There is no a special diet.

Signs and symptoms.


Bulks as large as the head of a pin that grow until the 2 or 3mm.

If they are shaved, small black spots, tiny drops of blood and a translúcido center are observed.

Pain when walking.

The warts compress soft weaves.


Infection by papilomavirus human, that is infected by direct bonding.

The virus invades the skin and causes that the infected cells reproduce more quickly than the normal cells.

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