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This cancer is the one that summons up more lives annually and affects to people of 40 years in ahead. Since 85% of which they suffer it are smokers, the tobacco is the main factor of risk to develop it. Only one of each 8 people who undergo it is not smokers.

Other substances like the asbestos, uranium or radón also exist that is a colorless gas and odorless that is accumulated in the homes and that come from the stoves, that also are factors of risk for the lung cancer.

Other factors of risk are the industrial contamination, the smoke of the automobiles or factories or certain hormonal factors of the own person that do more susceptible to develop it it. A risk factor also can be the presence of scars in the lung, caused by surgeries, bullets or stabs.

Also they are risk factors:

the feeding when it includes rich saturated fat diets.

Obvious smoking or coexisting with people who smoke, since the smoke of the cigarette contains several cancerigenic substances.

not to use protective masks or special clothes when one works with dangerous materials like the asbestos.

the genetic predisposition, when the parents have suffered cancer of lung.

One of the measures to prevent the cancer with lung is to let the habit smoke, since some studies demonstrated that with some weeks of abstention, they begin to cure injuries that can be precancerous and between five to ten years of to have left this drug, the cancer risk is slightly superior to the one of the people who never have smoked.

There are 4 types of lung cancer according to its symptoms and damages.

the carcinoma of escamosas cells, that begins generally in the great bronchial conduits.

adenocarcinoma, that begins in the smaller and moved away bronchial conduits. It is common that this type of cancer later propagates to the lymphatic ganglia and to the brain and other organs and is more frequent in the women.

the carcinoma of small cells is most aggressive of all the cancers of lung and once he is detected generally the patient dies more to taking to a year of the diagnosis.

the carcinoma of great cells, that propagates to other parts of body by the sanguineous torrent to bones and brain.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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