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During the last decades, the tabaquismo has become one of the more severe problems of health, when being discovered the damages that it causes and when finding related it to diverse serious diseases that every day acquire greater importance like death cause and incapacity, with severe economic repercussions.

The tabaquismo is a disease caused by the excessive tobacco consumption, is a social problem and of public health by the multiple injurious effects to the health, nonsingle of the people who consume it, but of that coexist in them since it calculates that around 3 million people associate by the tobacco die directly to the year by problems.

To smoke in addition to risks to health, that is many because it is associate to an endless number of chronic diseases, is also associated to another kind of problems like: fires, burns and traffic accidents.

This disease, considered like addiction of risk voluntary, is very difficult to leave and to control, reason why once initiated habit is extremely difficult to leave it, since it happens to be part of the style of life of a person, who in spite of knowing the damage that does, does not realize that in exchange for a "fleeting well - being", of slow, quiet, but effective form, the tobacco are causing irreversible damages in most of the organs of the body, generating several chronic and degenerativas diseases and is cause of premature death.

A severe problem of the tabaquismo, is that it produces nonsingle damages to the health of the consumers, but also of the people who surround them, those who is known like passive smokers, to those who also cause many annoyances caused by the smoke and the scent. Also many risks in the growth and development of the children in gestation exist or during the lactancia, when their mothers are smokers.

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