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According to it advances the age, are more frequent the coagulation problems, reason why the risks increase.

The sanguineous clots can cause isquemia and infarct of different ways:

When a clot that forms somewhere of the body moves through the blood vessels and is catched in a cerebral artery, causing an accident to cerebrovascular embólico.

When a clot in one of the cerebral arteries forms, remaining fixed and adhered to its wall, until it increases of size of such form that blocks the flow of blood to the brain, causing an accident to cerebrovascular trombótico.

Another reason is by a arterioesclerosis that is the narrowing of an artery, due to the accumulation of greasy substances, like the cholesterol and other lipids, which causes the increase of thickness, hardening and loss of elasticity of the artery and by the same the reduction or difficulty so that it passes the flow sanguineous.

Other causes of izquémicos cerebral accidents, can be the injuries in the head and the neck, that get to cause hemorrhages and / or tension in the vertebrales arteries and carotids.

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