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Restless Legs
When a person is not comfortable mainly during the night or has remained seated during several hours, she feels an irresistible impulse to move one or both legs, which if it becomes a daily habit, does not allow the suitable rest.

The Syndrome of Anxious Legs or acromegaly, is a neurological upheaval that can also pronounce when the person is seated, but when she appears during the night she turns an upheaval of the dream being one of the more frequent causes of insomnia.

It begins to suffer itself from the childhood of sporadic form and one becomes more latent in greater of 40 years. It happens most frequently in that they suffer of fibromilalgia, and that produces an impulse to move them to feel disagreeable sensations as if: something slid in its legs like an insect or animal, creeps, sensation of cold or extreme heat, tenseness and / or pain.

As a rule, these sensations are experienced in rest situations and they are alleviated with the movement. They are pronounced mainly in pantorrilla, although sometimes it affects the thighs and the ankles and one appears mainly at the moment for conciliating the dream, which makes the rest very difficult. There is in addition a variant that causes involuntary movements in the leg, which interrupts the dream.

The cause is not known, but there are studies that they have identified in the patients, problems with the transport of iron to the brain and secondary form with alterations in the synthesis of certain neurotransmitters, like the dopamine.

The symptoms, that appear most frequently during the last hours of the day and at night, when the people are going to sleep force patients a: to stretch or to double the legs, to have the necessity to rub them continuously, to shake themselves or to give returns in the bed, necessity to rise and to walk.

The main problem, since the disease in himself, is not serious, is the reduction of the hours of dream and rest that deteriorate to much the quality of life of those who suffers it. Emotional changes of character, problems, irritability, improductividad, fatigue and fatigue during the day, are some of the effects of not sleeping and resting suitably.

The diagnosis settles down when the patient goes to the doctor by fatigue and not being able to sleep and to rest well.

In order to corroborate it and to discard another kind of problems, physical and neurological examinations are made between which they are: analysis of blood and of tinkles and a electromiografía, study that allows to measure the muscular electrical activity.

Sometimes it is recommended to go to a laboratory of the dream where the patient is supervised by means of electronicses and observed by specialists of the dream.

The treatment can include medicines used for convulsive upheavals and benzodiacepinas, that although inhibit the central nervous system, never must be administered without medical supervision or when tranquilizers, tablets to sleep are being taken or spirit, because the combination can produce an overdose. The use of these medicines during a time also prolonged can cause farmacodependencia.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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