Aseptic meningitis

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Aseptic meningitis
Aseptic Meningitis.

Inflammation of meninges (fine membranes that covers the brain and the spinal marrow) She is contagious in some cases.

Unlike meningítis classic (CONNECTION) this does not present / display pus in the liquid that covers the brain.

It affects both sexes, to any age.


Virus of diverse types, including the one of polio.

Fungi, including the ferments.

Reaction - surely an answer autoinmune - after certain virales diseases, like the measles.

Signs and symptoms.




Sensitivity of the eyes to the light.



Confusion, lethargy and modorra.

Factors of risk.

Recent, rubeola measles or diverse types of influenza.

Treatment with inmunosupresores, like in the cancer, or after a transplant of organ.

Bad feeding.

Recent disease that has diminished the resistance.

Epidemic of meningitis. This disease becomes more virulent when extending of person to person.


Inmunícese against all the virus for which they exist bovine.

Diagnosis and treatment.

Sanitary precautions.

Medical treatment.

Hospitalization in serious cases.

General measures.

There are special trainings no aside from which they are specified in the other sections.


When the aseptic meningitis the cause a virus, is no medication.

The defenses of the body usually cure it (although the virus of polio can cause permanent damages)

If the meningitis the cause a fungus, their doctor will be able to prescribe fungicida medication to him like anfoterecina B.

It does not take aspirin for the pain, could cause hemorrhages to him.


Keep bed in a semi - dark room.

Return to its normal activities as soon as they improve the symptoms.


There is no special diet. Drink of 6 to 8 glasses of liquid to the day, although it does not desire to him.

Systems of diagnosticos.

Observation of the symptoms.

File and physical examination by a doctor.

Analysis, as red globule count and study of the cerebroespinal liquid, by means of lumbar punción.


Permanent damage to the brain (rarely)

Muscular worsening or paralysis (in cases of poliomielitis)


Most of the patients recovers of a viral meningitis without specific therapy - not like in the bacterial meningitis, where the treatment with antibiotics is necessary to save the patient.

To call to the doctor if.

It has symptoms of aseptic meningitis.

New symptoms arise inexplicable. The medication for the treatment can produce indirect effect.

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