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Although many say that the vomits of the pregnant women protect the fetus, when they are excessive can be dangerous for the mother and the son.

Few are women which mainly during the three first months of the pregnancy they suffer of nauseas and constants vomits, that although are very annoying and uncomfortable like inopportune, now have demonstrated that this reaction of the body is beneficial for him its health and the protection of its baby.

Thus it is, and it is that several investigations assure that the vomits are a form of natural protection against own nutritional upheavals of the pregnancy and that they affect so much to the mother as to the embryo, avoiding possible malformations during the stage of the most critical pregnancy since the first trimester is the one of formation and development of each part of the body.

Nevertheless, the vomits that appear most frequently during the morning, when waking up, also have their irrigations. This type of nauseas receives in name of gravídica hiperemesis, and sometimes they are so severe that they can lead to the dehydration, reason why although apparently they are beneficial, they must be controlled by the doctor, to that avoid his excessive manifestation and one or another form to avoid the damage to the mother and the son.

The gravídica hiperemesis, is a manifestation of the pregnancy, that although affects more than half of the embarrassed women, is commonest when:

They are primerizas that is to say, whose pregnancy is first.

They have a multiple pregnancy (more of a son)

They are youngsters, regularly smaller of 24 years.

In previous pregnancies they have presented / displayed the same symptom.

weight or obesity Have on.

They have some problem of thyroid or the endocrino system.

With antecedents of colitis or gastritis it frequents or chronicle.

severe situations of stress, depressions or problems Live that affect their mood.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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