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Hiperlipidemia is a very frequent metabolic upheaval. It corresponds to an elevation of the sanguineous total lipid levels, or more exactly of cholesterol and / or of triglicéridos with respect to the normal values.

Hiperlipidemia must actively be fought since he is responsible for numerous diseases, mainly of cardiovascular pathologies. The lipid accumulation, and mainly the increase of cholesterol, in the arterial circulatory system takes part in the formation of a known affluent deposit: the plate of ateroma. Ateroma causes long term a sclerosis by progressive invasion of the arterial walls (arteriosclerosis) The cardiovascular diseases are the main causes of loss of life in the western countries. The damaged glasses more are the following ones:

• the coronary ones: angina of chest and infarct of myocardium;

• the arteries of heavy caliber: arterial hypertension, arteriopatías of the inferior members.

• the cerebral circulation: cerebral accidents vasculares.


Hiperlipidemia can have different causes. In a 2% of the cases the lipídicas anomalies are of genetic origin. Some times are secondary, that is to say, tiroidea or hipofisiaria insufficiency, renal insufficiency, diabetes are the consequence of another affection (or by the medicine taking certain (contraceptive pill, some b - bloqueantes, corticoterapia)

But quite often, a 95% of these hiperlipidemias are related to bad higieno - dietetic rules. Our feeding of western type is very rich in cholesterol, whereas our organism only needs a small amount, since he himself synthesizes it at hepático level from different materials provided by the feeding: fats, alcohol and sugars. In addition the proportion in nutritional saturated fatty acids often is unbalanced with respect to insaturados fatty acids.

The glucídico sobreconsumption, more specially of simple sugars (baker's shop, chocolates, honey, jam, alcohol. it also takes part like a factor responsible for a lipídica anomaly that is described as hiperlipidemia "glu'cido - employee".

Other many factors related to the modern way of life are questioned. We could mention like important causes stress and the tobacco. Studies that establish a correlation between aterosclerosis and tobacco consumption, with the corresponding reduction of the life expectancy exist.

The sedentarismo is also a factor that contributes to the aterogénesis. Any muscular exercise contributes to one better muscular irrigation, specially of the myocardium, developing a network of collateral circulation, and one better use of fats for a power use.

As we finished seeing in hiperlipidemia what it is questioned is the life form.

After this brief explanation on dislipidemias, we are now going to differentiate hiperlipidemias related specially to the cholesterol, of those related to the triglicéridos ones.

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