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DISEASE OR Eruptiva exanthematic
Many of the diseases that appear mainly in the childhood, have like main manifestation the appearance of ronchas, spots or vesicles which they redden the skin generally and cause much comezón and annoyance.

The origin of these diseases can be infectious or acclimates. When they are infectious the causes are virus, bacteria or fungi and when its origin is environmental it can be caused by allergies, poisonings by foods or medicines or the exhibition of the skin to poisonous or irritating substances.

These diseases are known as exantemáticas or eruptivas and always they cause preoccupation on the part of the parents, fear to I infect, scholastic or labor absenteeism and diverse physical annoyances that more or less are coincident: fever, pain, weakness, lack of appetite, difficulty to sleep and others more.

Depending on the disease, there is a great variety of patterns of presentation of granites, spots or ronchas, that goes from pink spots to vesicles and blisters.

Between the most common diseases that they cause this manifestation is: measles, smallpox, varicela, scarlet fever, eccema or atópica, roséola dermatitis, fifth disease, pink ptiridiasis and of course the allergies or envenenamientos.

Between the differences of exantema they are:

Varicela, characterizes the eruption to appear abruptly and to cause a tenuous reddening of the skin, with granites that grow and form vesicles, that later are transformed into humid scabs and when being given off they leave a small scar. The injuries can also affect the conjuntiva of the eyes, buccal cavity and nasal graves.

Measles, the salpullido one begins in the forehead and it extends to the face and trunk quickly. The a appears as large as like off - white small points head of a pin.

Rubéola, the spots are puntiformes of pink color, appear first in the face, behind the ojeras and they extend to the neck, trunk and superior part of the arms. Later they appear in the extremities.

Scarlet fever. It presents / displays small granites in the neck that later descend to the trunk and abdomen until arriving at the extremities and the language appears color mills.

sudden Exantema, mainly affects minors of 4 years and pink color is pronounced by a generalized eruption that appears and disappears in the first 24 hours.

infectious Eritema or fifth disease. It is pronounced by an intense reddening in both cheeks, that extienede to arms, legs, chest and abdomen.

Disease flow - pie' - mouth is characterized by small granites that become made oval or linear vesicles and appear in the palm of the hands, it plants of the feet, end of the fingers and in the mouth.

pink Pitiridiasis, the spots appear mainly in the trunk and have form of pink plates with the yellowish center, the sobrehigh and reddish edges and with one slight descamación.

Another type of diseases or problems of health also is pronounced by ronchas, spots or vesicles in the skin, among them are all type of dermatitis, that is inflammation of the skin by diverse causes, caused by parasites like the scabies or caused by poisonings with foods or medicines.

In any case, it knows the form presentation of the eruption, aid to diagnose and to treat better the disease or problem.

In the Poisoning by foods or medicines the symptoms begin generally with the appearance of pink spots with intense picazón, in the palms of the hands and abdomen, later run to all the body causing heat, swelling and much annoyance when breathing.

In the scabies, the injuries are somo small "tunnels", in the skin in where the acarus deposits its eggs.

In general the annoyances of comezón can be lessen, by means of lukewarm compresas, lukewarm fast baths with maicena apple vinegar or applying in ronchas.

Important: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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