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At least one of each 3. 000 individuals is diagnosed like carrier of Distonía. The physical deficiencies which they are put under the people affected by upheavals in the normal control of the movement and the tone of muscles can go from the incapacity to write and incapacity to speak, to dissability and blindness.

Distonía is a neurological syndrome characterized by repetitive involuntary movements, caused by the competing muscle contraction of one or several parts of the body, which generates movements involuntary, abnormal positions and much pain.

Between distonías but known is the tic of the eye or blefaroespasmo and distonía cervical or tortícolis, that its considered prevalence is of 300 cases by each million individuals.

Distonías, like tortícolis and the severe tics, is abnormal disorders of the movement in which maintained contractions cause repetitive movements, positions and torsions. "He is serious that the common one of the people thinks that distonía is the badly smaller one, but of not treating correctly it can cause problems to future in the physical and psychological scope of the patients", assures the Dra. Minerva Lopez, Neurologist of the General Hospital.

The affected individuals suffer patterns of repetitive, clónicos movements or continuous abnormal tonic positions of the head; this in addition to being painful directly affects in the self - esteem and security of the person bordering them to behave of way reserved and other people's to the society.

In spite of the belief generalized that blefaroespasmo, that is the involuntary and repetitive closing of the eyelid and commonly is known like tic of the eye, is the badly smaller one, many people than suffer it consider themselves blind functionally, because the tic prevents to maintain the eyes them open. This problem is generally progressive and it appears most frequently between the 40 and 60 years, being considered that the incidence is, approximately, of a case by twenty - five thousand individuals.

In 1993, the SSA approved the use of the botulínica toxin like safe and effective treatment for all type of distonías.

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