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Cellulitis, also known by paniculosis, adiposalgia or connective tissue rheumatism and subcutaneous fat is a process due to the affection of the subcutaneous cellular tissue, of unknown origin.

There is inflammation, edema, degeneration and thickening of the collagen fibers, with the appearance of nodules of fat.

It affects mainly in its non - infectious stage for women at 95% of cases, with greater or lesser extent and location and appear at any age, even during puberty.


In normal cases, the induration can go further and create areas of pain to the touch or friction, but while this is no infection, no cause for concern, other than aesthetics.

The appearance of varicose veins or not, may or may not be in connection with cellulite, but there is no basis for believing that she alone creates or determines the appearance of varicose veins.


With age, the extent of the "orange peel" can go further, though the prognosis is not bad if not carries no infection.

In the event that it would present, the antibiotic treatment resolves the problem in 7 - 10 days.

Diagnosis and Treatment.


The disease is diagnosed performing a biopsy or pathological examination of the affected area, which is made only in cases where the size is large or the affected area can compromise other organic or in case of complication from infection, to find the kind of causative microorganism.

General Measures.

The therapy entails:

Daily exercise.

Prevent strokes in the areas where it is present.

Not wearing clothes very upwind.

In cases of pain, warm water baths, application of heat if there is infection.

Antibiotics if there is infection.


The injections as the use in some fashion or eras, all of them ineffective substances, can only lead to more problems in the area.

Infiltration of drugs that are supposed to absorb the grease, do not have any demonstrable scientific basis and any bruising or broken glass in the area can serve to further spread the disease.

Risk Factors.

Fundamentally, the internal infection in areas where there is this "orange peel", which can give a box of cellulite by serious infection.


There is no effective. Improving the circulation in affected areas (thighs, legs, buttocks) either through massage or better through daily exercise (walking every day with sports shoe) is a guarantee that the disease does not progress rapidly.

Avoid the blows, bruises and in general anything that might affect those areas of subcutaneous cellular tissue that are altered. The clothing is very narrow detrimental to those areas.

The external creams, only favor the hydration of the skin (if hydrating) but did not arrive in any way related to the affected tissue. However, the simple massage effect of its implementation and the fact that the person cares and is aware of the need to do some physical exercise every day, is inherently beneficial.

Signs and symptoms.

In a large percentage of cases, the emergence of this "orange peel" with well - defined lumps of skin on his buttocks and back and upper thighs, and may reach up to the knee, not causes more problems that kind of aesthetic.

But there are cases, the older Frequently, that afflict the sick pains of variable quality, sometimes acute, in thighs, legs and arms. Pain that is accentuated by pressure or friction or heat from the bed.

At the touch is noticeable tension in the area, to pressure, as grainy and the pinch, pain. In such extreme cases may be psychological components, such as anxiety or depression.


The cause is unknown origin. Appears to be linked almost exclusively on his presentation and a very high percentage of women in female hormonal factors. But the fact is that to date there is no reason for his appearance.

Cellulite can degenerate into an infectious process and in this case is due to staphylococcus or streptococcus bacteria type, then becoming a serious illness that needs treatment with antibiotic medication.

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