Vitamin B9

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Vitamin B9
More well - known like fólico acid, it is also member of group B.


Along with the B12 participates in the synthesis of the DNA, the protein that composes the chromosomes and that the genetic code gathers that governs the metabolism of the cells, therefore is vital during the growth. It prevents the appearance with buccal ulcers and favors the good state of the skin. Also it slows down the appearance of the grey hairs, aid to increase milk maternal, protects against the intestinal parasites and the poisoning of meals in badly been.


Their deficit causes megaloblástica anemia, bad absorption of the nutrimentos due to a wearing down of the intestine. She is associate, in the case of inadequate diets, with malformations in the fetuses, given the greater necessity during the formation of the fólico acid fetus. A special one is recommendable also taken care of for who consumes great amounts of alcohol and that takes much vitamin C.


In the pregnancy the cells are multiplied quickly and a great amount of weave forms. This requires enough fólico acid, reason for which is frequent a deficiency of this element between pregnant women.


Green vegetables, egg champiñones, liver, oranges, nuts, vegetables, yolk and cereals for the breakfast enriched. Daily a fresh fruit or a good juice of fruits is a perfect complement.

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