Vitamin B8

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Vitamin B8
More well - known like biotina, it is member of group B. Conocida also like vitamin H.


Essential for the metabolism of fats and proteins. Aid to the treatment of the baldness, as well as to that the hair does not become white. It alleviates muscular pains, eczema and the dermatitis. Also aid to fight the depression and the somnolencia.


Its deficiency causes the deterioration of the described metabolic functions, eczema, great fatigue, depression, feels nauseous and loss of appetite. Habitual a balanced diet is not given, although the risk of deficiency in the case of treatments long play with antibiotics is increased.


The clear one of crude egg contains a protein that prevents the absorption of this vitamin in the intestine, so better not to abuse ponche of egg.


Liver, nuts, mantequilla of peanut, egg beans, yolk and coliflor.

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