Vitamin B15

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Vitamin B15
Also denominated acid pangámico, he is an antirust one and therefore it protects the cells.


It is first of all a aportador of oxygen since it facilitates its absorption in all weaves. Aid to the synthesis of proteins, stimulates the answers of the immunological system, protects the liver of the cirrhosis, low the cholesterol levels in the blood, alleviates the symptoms of the angina and of the asthma, it protects of the polluting agents, it accelerates the recovery of the fatigue, avoids the undertow, it neutralizes the alcohol desire and it prolongs the average of life of the cells.


It causes glandular and nervous disorder, diseases of the heart and diminution of the oxigenación of weaves.


Its absorption and activity improve when it is ingested next to vitamins To and E.


Leavening, seeds of sésamo and pumpkin and the integral cereals.

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