Folic Acid

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Folic Acid
The fólico acid deserves special attention, since by to be essential in the processes of division and cellular multiplication, the necessities increase during the pregnancy (development of the fetus) For this reason one prescribes of preventive form the pregnant women. It jointly acts with the B12 vitamin and its manifest deficiency of form very similar to the one of this one (weakness, fatigue, irritability, etc. Fólico acid is called to be him mainly in the leaves of vegetables (in Latin folia it means leaf)

Rich fólico acid foods (or folato)

Amount recommended per day: 200 µg.

During the pregnancy: 400 µg)

Lettuce: 1250.

Leavening of beer: 1000.

Carrots: 410.

Escarola: 330.

Tomato: 330.

Parsley: 260.

Cooked spinach: 140.

Cooked Brécol: 110.

Dry fruits: 100.

Bran: 94.

Amounts expressed in µg / 100 gr.

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