Lecitina de Soja 1200

Bottle of 60 Perls

Tongil Tongil
Analytical Analytical Cholesterol Cholesterol

Lecitina de Soja 1200 (Tongil)
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Lecitina de Soja 1200 - Tongil

Bottle of 60 Perls

Analytical - Cholesterol

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The primary cause of acute myocardial infarction is coronary arteriosclerosis. Studies show that the problem of atherosclerosis is not only due to high levels of blood cholesterol in the blood but making it especially harmful oxidized cholesterol. It should therefore prevent its oxidation and thus avoid triggering the process of atherosclerosis.

In soybean seeds is extracted by cold pressing, soy lecithin, characterized by a high content in fostatidilserina and fostatidicolina, phospholipid complexes which occur naturally in biological membranes of our body and are essential for proper operation. They are found primarily in the brain, which play an important role in the central nervous system, promoting nerve transmission and intervening in the processes of learning, attention and memory.
These components also help to maintain cholesterol suspended in the blood, preventing it from collecting on artery and vein walls, making soy lecithin helps control cholesterol.

Bottle of 60 Perls.

Lecithin extracted by gripping cold (1, 000 mg) with a content of phospholipids and 625 mg Soybean Oil 200 mg.

Usage Instructions
Take one to two pearls during meals.

Soy Lecithin 1200 mg - TONGIL - 60 pearls.

Lecithin beads manufactured from the better quality of liquid lecithin. Yeast containing 1200 mg of soy high concentrations, between 58 - 60% of soya phosphatides.

Transgenic soybean.

No artificial colors or preservatives.

They contain yeast.


per bead)

Lecithin (soy) 1200 mg.

Other ingredients: natural soy oil, gelatin, glycerin and purified water.


60 capsules.

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