L-Carnitina 600

Bottle of 30 Tablets

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L-Carnitina 600 (Tongil)
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L-Carnitina 600 - Tongil

Bottle of 30 Tablets

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Supplementing the diet with L - Carnitine helps improve physical work capacity and above all, to reduce cardiovascular stress caused by intense exercise.

A food supplement based on L - carnitine, whose main function is to facilitate the transport of long chain fatty acids from the cytoplasm into the mitochondria where beta - oxidation occurs, and therefore, the production of energy. It also contributes to removing excess lactic acid in the blood and tissue, thereby favoring the production of energy.

Bottle of 30 Tablets.

L - Carnitine tablets (600 mg)

Usage Instructions
Take one tablet a day, preferably in the food, in addition to food.

Tongil L - Carnitine 600mg. 30 capsules.

L - Carnitine.

Ideal to supplement the diet of athletes and health care and cardiovascular.


L - carnitine.


Bottle of 30 capsules.

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