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Harpagofito (Api-Nature)
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Harpagofito - Api-Nature

Bottle of 60 Capsules

Oseo system - Muscular - Joints

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The origin of the imbalances and joint discomfort often is associated with an inadequate diet rich in foods produced in the body the appearance of some substances called prostaglandins PGE 2 from arachidonic acid. These substances are responsible for triggering physiological responses related to inflammation and joint degeneration.
So in certain circumstances it is advisable to supplement the diet with nutrients that help maintain healthy joints and can enjoy a pleasant feeling of ease and well - being in their daily movements.

The root of Harpagofito (Harpagophytum procumbens) a plant also known as "devil. s claw" by the form of fruit, has traditionally been used as an effective alternative to reinforce a diet designed to find the well - being articulate, but its effects are remarkable Generally in the body.
The numerous studies conducted with this root have found that their beneficial effects on health are due to the joint activity of its active ingredients, mainly iridoides as harpagósido, harpágido and procúmbido capable of blocking substances generated by our body responsible for the inflammation Without producing side effects that trigger other substances with the same properties. These same active ingredients are responsible for the bitter taste of the root, a feature that also gives it a positive effect on the liver and digestive care.

Bottle of 60 Capsules.

Dry Harpagofito (Harpagophytum procumbens) 500 mg.

Usage Instructions
Take 3 capsules per day, as a complement to food.

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