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HEMOCIN (Soria Natural)
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HEMOCIN - Soria Natural

Ointments of 40 gr

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These plants have been traditionally used to treat hemorrhoids and anal fistulas.
Ointment made from virgin wax and plant species, whose formula has been traditionally used for the treatment of hemorrhoids and anal fistulas.
It has anti - inflammatory properties, emollients, anesthetic, analgesic, vasoconstriction, antiseptic, healing and protective of the venous and capillary flow.

Tube of Ointments of 40 gr.

Other Presentations of the Product Ungüentos - Ceratos:

Virgin wax, oil sunflower, extracts and essential oils of tires, Benjuí, Milenrama, Propolis, Propylparaben (preservative) and denatured alcohol.

Usage Instructions
Apply twice a day. In the case of hemorrhoids, it is recommended to make seat baths with cold water for 10 minutes, dry the area very well and implement HOMOCIN.

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