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Digestive Diseases Digestive Diseases Digestion Digestion

Boldo COMPLEX (Soria Natural)
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Boldo COMPLEX - Soria Natural

Box of 60 Capsules

Digestive Diseases - Digestion

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Plants such as boldo and have an Fumaria stimulating action of the gastric secrección, so it favors the digestion.

A mixture of plants with a stimulating action of the gastric secrección, promoting digestion. It has properties colerética, colagogas, laxatives, antispasmodic, Carmine, slightly diuretic and sedative.
It is recommended in digestive prblemas due to lack of secrección of gastric juices, dyspepsia, aerophagia, digestions difficult, and so on. Liver disorders and especially problems with the gallbladder. It can help in cases of gall bladder stones and can help eliminate the headaches associated with heavy digestions.

Box of 60 Capsules.

Bitter chamomile, Centaurea Minor and Fumaria.
Anthemis nobilis L. 125 mg)
Peumus boldo Moll (25 mg)
Centaurium erythraea (25 mg)
Fumaria officinalis (100 mg)

Usage Instructions
Take 2 capsules three times a day.

BOLDO Composor 3 COMPLEX (Artichoke, Boldo, FUMARIA.

INGREDIENTS: Cynara scolymus L, * Fumaria officinalis L, Peumus boldus moll, Anthemis nobilis L, * Rosmarinus officinalis L, Artemisia absinthium L in vegetable glycerin.

* Plant crops to clean which are not used inorganic fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides.

Flavonoids: 5. 00 mg (contribution per ml) 15. 00 mg (3 ml)

Cynarin: 0. 80 mg (contribution per ml) 2. 40 mg (3 ml)

Boys would smoke: 0. 15 mg (contribution per ml) 0. 45 mg (3 ml)

Boldine: 0. 15 mg (contribution per ml) 0. 45 mg (3 ml)


Glass pot with drip.


Adults are advised to take 1 ml (approx. 25 drops) 3 times a day diluted in water. Children: Up to 5 years 1 ml (8 drops 3 times a day) between 5 and 12 years half the adult making.

Shake before using.

Contains no artificial colors, preservatives or additives.


Natusor 1, Deposor lemon artichoke Green, 2 - C Capsules, Capsules Dandelion, Boldo tablets.


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