Sirope de Savia de Arce y Palma (1.000 ml)

Siropes of 1000 ml

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Savia de Arce - Sirope (1.000 ml) (MADAL BAL)
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Savia de Arce - Sirope (1.000 ml) - MADAL BAL

Siropes of 1000 ml

Thinner - Treatments

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It is the ideal treatment to detoxify the body. It is neither a drug nor a form of food, but a cure based on lemon juice and syrup sap that gives your body a chance to recover, increasing their defenses, free fatty deposits in excess and produce new antibodies, while retaining the general welfare and the full capacity of performance.
Is not directed against a particular form of disease, but it can be a therapy for all types of conditions: allergies, asthma, skin diseases or menstrual disorders, hypertension, arthritis, rheumatism, constipation, gas, etc. You can not come up any newspaper to health while the cure is made because the body is supplied with all the necessary nutrients and metabolism is strengthened.

The syrup is made up of sap of maple sap and palm. The sap of maple and palm comes from the vast maple forests of North America, where Indians already knew the art of extracting this tree sap and prepare your sweet syrup with it. To cure is used only maple syrup and palm, the latest crop of maple that makes the body more minerals and trace elements that the Grade A maple syrup, the most common. As well as in the northern hemisphere there is only one type of maple that produces sweet sap, in the tropics there is only one kind of palm sap of which was obtained this honey, palm sand. The palm syrup contains sodium and potassium to the functioning of cells and detoxification of the body,
Mixing them in the right proportion is obtained syrup sap, very rich in trace elements and other nutrients, which guarantee the success of the cure, by providing next to the lemon juice, what is necessary for the proper functioning of the body during the 10 days of the cure
To ensure the success of the Cure is very important to use the syrup and reject authentic imitations.

Tin of Siropes of 1000 ml.

Other Presentations of the Product Sirope de Savia de Arce y Palma:

Sap of maple and Palma 100%.

Usage Instructions
The real cure is based on the ancient therapy of fasting. Fasting means to live in a time of one.s own reserves. Fasting is not starving. Moreover, while the cure is made, the body takes to get rid of the detritus, the toxicity and superfluous fats that have accumulated in the body gradually, allowing the organs to regenerate and revive its operations. Detoxification power our mental faculties, concentration and improves memory.
The complete cure lasts seven to ten days, which should only be prepared to swallow the syrup and maple sap of palm and no other food. On each day will take eight to ten large glasses of the preparation, one every two hours. It is supplemented by an infusion mild laxative before the first shot of the day and another at bedtime.
While doing the only cure may be taken further infusions, (if you have some kind of ailment it is advisable that are specific to it) and plenty of water.
After the cure there is to do a proper transition food for 2 to 3 days with fruit juice, fruit, vegetable broths, and so on. Here are recommended to take advantage of all the positive effect of the cure of sap and lemon and continue on a basis of healthy nutrition.

2. THE SEMI-FAST. Every night while we slept, fast, so do not ingest food and let the body take care of their own, which purifies to regenerate and recover their energy spent, largely in the digestion and absorption of food. For breakfast we break this process of recovery and self overnight fast.
The purpose of semi-fasting is to extend this period of fasting night, replacing breakfast and / or dinner for two or three glasses of lemon syrup sap and water and thus give the agency more time for rest and recuperation. To make the semi-fasting is more effective, it would remove as much as possible during this healing foods following, which by their content of toxins would delay the purifying action of semi-fasting Night: salt meats, red meat, fried foods, white bread, flour Refined, coffee, alcohol, carbonated drinks, milk, etc.. This semi-fasting is recommended as preparation for people who want to carry out the complete cure and for those who do not feel willing or able to do it, but want to reduce their weight and improve their health.
Recommended duration between 10 and 30 days.

To a large glass of the preparation is needed:
1 .- Two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice (about 1 / 2 lemon)
2 .- Two tablespoons of the syrup sap authentic
3 .- A pinch of cayenne pepper powder (spicy paprika).
These ingredients are mixed into a glass with warm water or cold to taste.

1 .- It is very important to evacuate daily.
2 .- The body odor can be accentuated during the fasting or semi-fasting.
3 .- If you are feeling hungry, you can increase the number of shots.
4 .- During the first days of fasting can be filed occasionally, slight headache, nausea, and so on. due to the expulsion of toxins (healing crisis), who have no risk and disappear.
5 .- Use the sap syrup as a sweetener and also excellent in infant feeding.

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