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Brain Cancer
It is not known well which is its origin, but between some identified factors they can be.

the genetics, that is a very important factor since in most of the cerebral tumors have been anomalies in the genes and cromozonas that participates in the cellular cycle, which causes that they grow of uncontrolled way.

the relation with cancerigenic, originating substances of the tobacco, environmental elements like the asbestos or the radiations.

the cancer in other parts of the body that causes metástasis of the tumors, is to say that they emigrate to the brain. Between most dangerous they are in breast or lung cancer.

By the hormone action certain.

to suffer certain genetic diseases like neurofibromatosis, enfemedad of Von piel: lINdau, Syndrome of Li. Fraumeni and Retinoblastoma among others.

Antecedent relatives of parents or brothers with familiar tumors, which makes predisponentes develop them.

the children of parents who been have exposed to certain cancerigenic substances, like the workers of refineries of petroleum, rubber factories and certain chemistries, without it has been possible to identify the specific substance.

the received salary radiations in the brain for control of other tumors, increases the risk of the development of new.

By the presence of certain virus.

The cerebral tumors are unfortunately frequent mainly in the infantile population, in where they constitute the second type of infantile cancer after leucemias and the increase of cases goes in growth. The type of tumor in these cases is very different from which is developed in the adults.

They are possible to be presented / displayed in people of both sexes and during the adult life they are more frequent after the 45 years and can be benign or malignant and although the difference is in which the last ones develop cerebral cancer, both are dangerous because they get to damage very important functions of the body, according to the affected zone.

The benign tumors, do not contain cancerous cells and when extirpating them they do not return to seem. These have the delimited edges affluent reason why they do not invade the healthy weave that surrounds them, but can present / display symptoms similar to those of the cancerous tumors, by his location, size and pressure that exert in the damaged zone, which also makes very dangerous.

The malignant tumors, contain cancerous cells and grow quickly invading the weaves that surround them and affecting many corporal functions. Usually they are not scattered to other parts of the body, but they can still reappear after being extirpated and to receive treatment.

IMPORTANT: The content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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